~** ViNtaGe **~
One Of a Kind FiNds!*!*!

Monday, December 3, 2012

**~SHaBBies~** from Saturday's HoLiDaY MaRKet...

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Booth
Last Saturday's HoLiDAy Market - Wisconsin...

The Last of My HoLiDay Shows
for the 2012 Season...

Industrial Basket Stand
JuSt AwEsoMe!*!*!
*** SOLD ***

Time-Worn Rusty PaTiNa with an Industrial Vibe...
I can just see this displayed on a porch!*!*!

•ViNtaGe "Coat-Check" #Tags
•"German-Style" Wired Candy Cherries
Adorned this Tree...

Just "Killer-Bucket" !*!*!
BeSt Rusty P*A*T*I*N*A...
** SOLD **

AwEsoMe Medium-Sized Wood/Storage Box...
Still Available...
Light Butter-Cream Yellow, with subtle hints of old light green paint poking through...
  Hinged lid with crude front edge...  All natural time-worn patina... Sturdy, nothing coming apart...

 ChiPPy-WHiTe Half Barrel
PeRfeCt Base for a Tree!*!*!
** SOLD **

**FUN Story**
This Not Too Shabby "festive HoLiDAy Pillow" went to a customer whose Husband's Name is RUDY ~ They have a CaBin ~ and he loves Deer...  She'll be tucking it on a shelf for him to discover!*!*!

Champagne Bucket with clip-on candle holders
Great Table Centerpiece 

 **Early Sled**
Still Available
Now SOLD...
PeRfeCt displayed with Greens & Firewood...
FaB Look On-The-Porch...
Mound with HoLiDAy Gifts...
Displays well standing upright/sideways as well...

 FaB ViNTaGe Trumpet
 with Over-The-Top P*A*T*I*N*A -
Soon to Adorn "My Christmas Vignette"!*!*! 

SHaBBy-Painted ViNtaGe SLED
with "Gift-Box Adornments"...

•Re-Purposed Rusty Wheel...
•ViNtaGe Chalkware Santa under cloche...
~ Still Available ~

ViNTaGe Season's Greetings Box

It's a real challenge to get everything
 "packed-in" these smaller-sized booths!*!*!

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  1. always love your show pics, Jeanine, you give me so many great display ideas!!

  2. Great stuff, Jeanine. I missed seeing you too. Have a great December.

  3. Love the boxes. I was excited to find two Italian tole pieces today. I thought of you of course.

  4. Love all the ways to decorate a tree! You always inspire me!

  5. Looks like you had some great stuff to choose from...especially that wonderful industrial basket stand!

    Hope you can sit back and enjoy the holidays a little now:-)



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