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Monday, September 3, 2012

Selling *SHaBBies* @ MAXWELL STREET FLEA - Cedarburg, Wisconsin...

 Maxwell Street Flea
 This Labor Day Weekend, 2012...
** FaBuLouS Weather **  

 I'm ready to move-on and put this selling day behind me...
Over the years of both buying and selling AT THIS MARKET, I've  come to realize that having Merchandise that's all tagged/priced... scrubbed clean... glued/repaired... unique/unusual.. & displayed for helpful ideas - *May Not Be Worth It * 
More shoppers than not - were not willing to pay for quality merchandise that was carefully picked and pre-priced...
  I experienced many "low-ballers", who were rude with -
"No Deal" - unless it was a steal...  

 Owl Cloche on "ChiPPy" Architectural Prop Base...

 I just LoVEd this darling little Black Table!*!*!
It SOLD early on...
  Just FaB for a Pumpkin On-The-Porch...

 The Footed Berry Tote On Legs has soooo
 many display possibilities...

 Jewelry Nook Area
with "fussy pretties"...

 One of my most interesting customers!!!
She adorned herself with DEER PURCHASES!*!*!

 Orange Locker
First time out ~ SOLD early on...

 Professional Shoppers!!!
They measured before trying to fit in in the car...

Wonderfully ChiPPy
Architectural SaLvaGe...



  1. Keep doing your EXCELLENT thing oh totally talented gal! The low-ballers, deal-stealers and rude-dudes seem to be invading everywhere, but we'll stand fast and eventually...outlast!!

  2. Stand your ground, and lose the clunkers. Go, Jeanine! It's business after all.

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment in the flesh friend! Ha... Wasn't,t it wonderful actually meeting. I am so glad I reached out... Well you know best where to put your energy and focus... Save the best for the best and perhaps use markets like this to sell your let's put this item behind me stuff.
    All the best.. Cynthia

  4. Wow- you shopped Kane Saturday and then ran and set this up? Enjoy some rest this week!

  5. Love the black table. That piece of porch looks just like the porch on our old house right now....chippy, chippy. Joe is never going to paint this huge house. xoxo, olive


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