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Monday, August 13, 2012

BeSt Weather - ELKHORN FLEA MARKET - Wisconsin

In my opinion, the ELKHORN FLEA MARKET, held at the Walworth County Fairgrounds, here in Wisconsin, -  IS THE PREMIER ANTIQUE/VINTAGE/FLEA MARKET in this area... I Sell My SHaBBies at only 2 of the 4 Yearly Events Held Here ~ "I just like ShoPPing It Way Toooooo Much" to do all four!*!*!  Yesterday's Weather was a PeRFeCt Mix for Flea ShoPPing!!!  •Early On - light jacket...  •Subtle Breeze...  •PartlyCloudy...  •NO RAIN...   BeSt!*!*!

Even though my arms were FULL ~ 
"something caught my eye"
 in Janice & Denise's Booth...
I ALWAYS hit my FaVoRite Dealers
In fact, I recently was interviewed on
Do click on this link above to

 By Day's - End I was very pleased with ALL THE ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ViNtaGe F*I*N*D*S I had netted!*!*!
I'm off to a good start for my FALL SHOWS!!!
Lot's of W*H*I*T*E with a PoP-Of-Color...

~*~* Top-3-Pick *~*~

 I spent the ENTIRE DAY SHaBBy ShoPPing ~ arriving shortly
 after 5 a.m. with an early buy-in, and leaving around 3 p.m.
Doing what I LoVe - I honestly wasn't tired at all!*!*!
This Pic and the following are all
  ~ SHaBBy Sightings ~
just to give you a feel of the market...

I'll be Selling My SHaBBies at the
 NEXT ELKHORN -September 30th 
- Last of the Season -

I have a B*U*S*Y WEEK!!!
Working On My GREEN DOT S*A*L*E
"20 - 50 Percent Off" 
On Select ShaBBies Tagged with a 
•••  GREEN DOT  ••• 
(Do Visit My SideBar for Details...)



  1. What. A. Blast! Love that chippy wire basket! So wish I could be there.

  2. nice to see you at the flea, can't wait to see what you will do with the red sleigh!

  3. If you have time...I hope you'll link this post up to Cowgirl Up! tonight...

  4. Hi Jeanine ! . . . Yeah, that Chippy, Rusty Tall Wire Basket is AWESOME !!! Your Junkin' Skills are Amazing ! TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN

  5. Love the big clock and that black cubbie. You shopped for a long long time my friend.

  6. Lots of cool stuff, Jeanine. I keep scrolling back to that curvy chippy arm chair. Thanks for sharing. I know I need to make it out there.

    1. Oh nooo---I completely missed it because I've been so incredibly busy. :'( Thanks for sharing some pics of what I missed.
      I can't wait to see what you bring to the September show!

  7. What a great flea market. I love the Italian tole Chandelier!! I am new follower!


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