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Thursday, July 5, 2012

ViNtaGe SILVER TRAY with P*A*T*I*N*A...

Believe it or not, I actually had some **FREE TIME** ~ over the past few days!*!*!  In between readying  some "SHaBBies" for the "Viva la Cottage" VINTAGE MARKET SHOW  on the 14th, I was able to enjoy "fussying-up" a few areas in our home...  THIS ViNtaGe SILVER TRAY was a FaB Addition...

 I acquired this Over-The-Top FaB
 ViNtaGe Silver-Plate Tray way back in APRIL,
from "Jackie" at the Arboretum Garden Show...  

 This Tray is ALL ABOUT P*A*T*I*N*A...
I just LoVE the bluish-green encrustation formed on the 
exposed Copper/Brass underlay...

 This tray is soooo much larger than it looks, and
due to the Brass/Copper - It's HEAVY!!!

I Have it displayed on a lower shelf of
one of my Most FaVoriTe SHaBBy Furniture Pieces... 
It's in the Guest Bedroom, next to the bed...

I have a FUN-DAY-PLANNED!*!*!
**Off to do some "SHaBBy-SHoPPing"**
for the Viva la Cottage Show!!!
Can't wait to SEE what I F*I*N*D...



  1. I love your silver tray

    and love all mine also, i always buy a reasonable priced tray when I am out hunting for treasures

  2. Wonderful to have some time off eh? I have been with small children for three weeks and while lovely I need some time to hunt and gather real soon. The tray is beautiful. xoxo, olive

  3. How do you to it??? You can make anything look like it belongs together! FUN!

  4. I love how you display your items and always make everything look beautiful...Connie

  5. oh, i love love love that patina'd tray...xoxo, tracie


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