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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

•RED •WHITE •BLUE 4th Of July HoLiDay!*!*!

HaPPy 4th Of July!*!*!
Unfortunately this isn't the case for a good number of people in the USA...  So many lives have been touched by Forest Fires - total loss of homes... Power outages for days with 100 degree temperatures... AND -Along with this, a TERRIBLE UNEXPECTED WEATHER DISASTER  hitting the Kane County Flea Market - Last Sunday, in St. Charles, Illinois...  Word is ~ and this is "second hand information" - that the wind and pelting rain were soooo strong, that many an outside vendor Lost their Tents and a good amount of their merchandise...  I have yet to hear if anyone was seriously injured...  **My Heart Goes Out To YOU**  Soooo R*E*L*A*X on the 4th Of July HoLIDay and be Thankful you're alive - THINGS CAN BE REPLACED...


  1. You are so right Jeanine! Take time to count our blessings~ Thanks for the reminder~ I hope you have a relaxing 4th as well~
    Hugs, kathee

  2. So far, everyone I talked to who were at Kane County were okay, just shaken. I haven't heard of any serious injuries. I hope not. I wasn't there, but got reports. Have a great 4th, Jeanine.

  3. The weather is perilous for so many. We had 109 here last week and I fear for the elderly without AC. Have a happy 4th.

  4. This will be a summer to remember. We too are having triple digit heat and no rain. Crops are dying ponds drying up. Hope everyone has a pleasant 4th.

  5. It sounds like the PNW is the only place to get any reliefl from the heat so far this Summer. We are still in low 7o's with rain. Looks like it might be warming up a bit and I hope it cools down for many who have been suffering from it all:-)

    Happy 4th of July!!


  6. Happy July 4th....and thanks for the reminder about the difficulty so many might face today due to severe weather. A tornado hit our farm last year, and it took a lot of strength to get up and face the clean up each day. My heart goes out to all who struggle to find their way through challenge....


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