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Friday, June 1, 2012


Frog Husband and I just got back from a short "get-away" in beautiful DOOR COUNTY - WISCONSIN...  This resort area, located on a peninsula, is know for their CHERRY GROWING CROP... Most of the restaurants offer Homemade Cherry Pies, and other fare, using these locally grown cherries... Shop owners carry clothing with this motif as well...  I myself seek out ViNtaGe Cherry Items ~ found mostly in the local Antique Shops...  Upon arriving home, I was inspired to display my long-time acquired collection of ViNTaGe Linens - **With This Cherry Motif**...

 This ChiPPy ViNtaGE Basket was a F*I*N*D from the Kane County Flea last month...  It now holds these "ViNtaGe Cherry Linens" propped up on a chippy white box, in the guest bedroom...
(click on pics to enlarge...)

 LoVe the Lace Edging on this one...

 If I had to pick "just one" - favorite, 
THIS IS IT!*!*!  These smaller-towel sized linens make FaB Basket Liners for this and that...

 LoVe the Tattered Fringed Edges...

Picked up this FaB ChiPPy-WHiTe Box with every intention to sell it...  As you can see, - it hasn't made it to my show selling stock just yet!*!*!

  FaB ChiPPy-White Paint Loss on-the-top...
Funky hinges, latch, side handle...

 LoVe the contrast of the old dark wood...

Have a GREAT Rest-Of-The-Weekend!!!
I have WAY-TOOO-MUCH on my plate!*!*!
Surprise... Surprise...


  1. I SO love the first picture with all your vintage cherry tablecloths! I hear you when you say, "way-tooo-much on your plate"! If you figure out how to dump some of that "stuff" off your plate, please let me know. My plate seems like it is always way too heavy!!

    Take care,

  2. You know our plates are full because we are enjoying life.keep it up

  3. Uh oh! It's contagious! I'm going to have to go find all my cherries! I love how you showed everything in the basket! I am just crazy for all these vintage prints. SO so cheery.

  4. Oh, I just love those cherry linens! so summery and fun!

  5. I'm loving those cherry linens! They are great for a retro kind of kitchen. That sounds like a cool road trip.
    Have a great weekend,
    xxx Liz

  6. I wouldnt want to give up that box either. I love it.. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Love the cherry linens. So springy and fun. The white box is pretty cool too :)

  8. I adore Vintage linens... these are lovely... and I wouldn't have been able to part with the white box either.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Love love love your vintage linens. I always have my eye out for them but most of what I own was passed down through the family. Luckily no-one but me wanted them ;)

  10. Beautiful! LOVE the Cherries and Door County. THis is the first time In years I have missed the trees in bloom! I am totally jealous of your trip! Can't wait to head up for the Viva Market!

  11. I am totally in love with this vignette. I adore cherries, chippy, and white. The basket and the box are to die for! I have had problems with blogspot and have made a new blog on wordpress. I'm not liking it at all, but hope you will follow me when it's up and going.

  12. Hi Jeanine, I am a lover oc anything cherry. I typed in cherry vintage linens and one of the sites it lead me to was your blog. Hubby and I vacationed in Door County three years ago. Loved every minute of it. I brought home a couple of cherry items also. Did you try the cherry salsa? to die for! We even orderd bottles to give to our kids. I love your fun collection of linens and that white chippy treasure is a keeper for sure! We are going to start finishing our basement. Planning on decorating the kitchen area with all of my cherry items. Was searching for a vintage tablecloth to make a curtain for the window. Not disappointed that it brought me here! Happy to be a new follower.

  13. LOVE them!


    P.S. Hop on over to my blog. I'm hosting a giveaway that I think you might like!


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