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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

White W*E*D*N*E*S*D*A*Y BiRdiES!*!*!

The last few days I've been "F*R*E*S*H*I*N*G" little vignettes around the house...  I pulled out one of my FaVoRiTe White Birdie Bowls...  AND of course I'm linking up with KATHLEEN OF FADED CHARM ~ for 

 For the most part, almost all my Personal SHaBBies are OLD/VINTAGE...
This BiRdie Bowl of sort, is an exception (not old) - It just has such FaB Form, and blends so well with all the other SHaBBies...

The hydrangeas add a hint of Freshening/Spring...

**~* Guest Bedroom *~**
I have plans for a Major-Re-Do of this room inspired by a Rusty Arched Metal Gate I purchased from Jan of Gracie's Cottage this past weekend...  Hoping to post some pics of this FIND later in the week...


  1. Hydrangea's are the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. I love your birdie bowl Jeanine. I think it blends beautifully with your decor. I'll be back to see your FIND. I know it's gotta be cool.

  3. The birds are darling and I cannot wait for the gate. I am on the hunt for one too.

  4. So pretty, Jeanine, love the gorgeous reflection in the mirror!

  5. I love that view in the mirror Jeanine; it doesn't look like that room needs a re-do but I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


  6. sooo supercute those little birds! love them very much! wishing you a nice week and my best wishes! di

  7. LOOOOVVVEEE! I love it all and pinned it too.


  8. I need to grow me some of those hydrangea's; so beautiful! the little bird bowl is super cute too but i can't believe you haven't taken some sandpaper to it yet to chip that thing up! ha!
    (although I love it just the way it is too!)

  9. Beautiful Jeanine...my fave is the guest bedroom shot that has the rest of the room in the mirror...great pic!

  10. Do tell, where can I find something similar to this?? Dianntha

  11. The part of a column pedestal that your birdie bowl is sitting on is fabulous!
    Mary Alice

  12. I love any kind of birdies! Yours are so sweet!

  13. ♥ all the white chippiness, but the birds are sooo sweet also!


  14. Love all your chippy shabby whites! Found your blog via pinterest and I'm so happy!


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