~** ViNtaGe **~
One Of a Kind FiNds!*!*!

Monday, January 9, 2012

SHaBBy ShoPPing ~ Saturday's BeSt ~ Grayslake Market - Illinois...

The "SHABBBY VAN" went home with quite a light load ~ almost all my SaLes were on Saturday...   FaB Show ~ Very Busy ~ Great Weather ~ Good to SEE & Chit-Chat with Sooo Many of YOU!!!

**~* ThAnK YOU ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ShoPPers *~**
for a FaB Kick-Off Start for the 2012 Season!*!*! 

 ***Most FaVoRiTe***
Sad to see it go...
2-Die For PaTiNa!*!*!

 Just FaB Chippy-Grey Table with hints of old white paint poking through...  SOLD to a lady planning to install a "vessel-sink" on it - FaB Idea!*!*!
Just LoVeD it's backsplash edges...

 PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy Old White Gesso Frame
 with BiRdiE Collage...
ViNtaGe Valentine Heart Baking Pan...

 2nd ***FaVoRiTe***
BeST-Ever White Matte
 ViNtaGe ShaBBy Bisque RoSes...
*~* SOLD *~*
What was I thinking!?!?!

 Even though Lori & I just met, we could very well be "Kindred Spirits" - in the **SHaBBy** Category!*!*!
**Lori of SWEET BASIL**
Has a Booth Space in
Wilmette, Illinois
I guarantee you most certainly will not be disappointed!!!  I stopped in her booth this past summer and must have spent at least a good hour looking at all her SHaBBies!*!*!

 This PeRfeCTLy time-worn Bust was the first to sell...
I pulled this beauty from my personal collection...

 I've had these PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy ViNtaGe Valentine Cupids for about 3 years now...  Although these RARE beauties struck up quite a bit of interest, - they did not sell...
 Soooo glad they came back home with me - they're KEEPERS!!!

 I just loved my Valentine Tree Branch Creation...
  Honestly ~ this pic does not do it justice...  

I netted a few AwEsoMe SHaBBies for myself at show and will share some pics of them later this week...



  1. Shab- a -delique! So happy for you with your success! A new year with lots of sales and finds on the horizon. Blessings sweet Jeanine.

  2. Boy do I wish I lived by you. You have the best treasures.

  3. Glad you had a great weekend! I just love the vignettes you put together and I love how you always use fresh flowers and filler in your items; it just adds so much! And I'm totally in love with all your garden antiques!!
    I'm going to be doing more shows this spring & summer (more on the craft side and not so much antiques) but I put a picture of your booth side-by-side with mine and do my best to copy! ha! Isn't imitation the strongest form of flattery?! ha!

  4. Your chippy furniture is amazing! I too wish I lived closer! Love your cheerful spring touches - here's hoping it comes quickly for you!

  5. A breath of spring! Yippee for the Etsy!

  6. thank you jeanine for the "sweet" sweet basil shout out!!!!!!!!!! i think i purchased almost everything in your pics........ ALL for myself!!!!!!!!!! i couldn't part with any of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to see you next month!!!!!

  7. Hi Jeanine,
    Happy New Year to you!
    I'm glad those cherubs didn't sell. Perfect for V-Day. It's hard parting with stuff. I have a hard time myself. It's always a coin toss.
    Great eye candy. Did the dress form sell?
    xxx Liz

  8. Absolutely adore the shabby, chippy, rusty, details of all of your pieces! Oh, my, I am completely in love with your blog and your newest follower. I'm not nearly as talented as you but enjoy it all. Hope you'll visit sometime. I'm new at this!


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