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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ViNtaGe Christmas Displays ~ from the weekend...

Last weekend I took a booth space at a 3-Day HoLiday Market -  Hawthorne Hill Farm, in New Berlin, Wisconsin... The Market was sooooo well promoted & the traffic was definitely there - but very little "ViNtaGE" was to be found...  Having never shopped or sold at this venue before - I most certainly did not know what to expect ~ but hearing such good things about it ~ I decided to take a chance...

A Big ThAnK YOU to all of those - especially my "regular ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ShoPPers" for coming out to Shop-My-SHaBBies!*!*!  Your business is Much Appreciated...  Now that the weekend is over ~  I feel that my SHaBBies just weren't the right fit for this venue...  I was selling unique ViNtaGe HoLiday Items to "Decorate your home"...  In my opinion,  the show was mostly geared  for "gift-giving shopping"...  I would love to hear YOUR feedback...
My Booth Space was in a GREAT location ~ you caught a glimpse of my SHaBBies as soon as you walked in the door!*!*!  The Sled & Chandelier were such a draw...

 This "PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy" Child's ViNtaGe Sled
S*O*L*D Right Away!*!*!
 BeSt!!! - One-Of-A-Kind... 

The Sled Area was my favorite display...

 These time worn Candy Canes were just AwEsoMe!*!*! 

 If I had a dollar for everyone that was going home to adorn "their own chandelier" with bling ornaments...
***  LOL  ***

LoVeLy ViNtaGe "lighted" Choir surrounded by an architectural arch...

I used "chalkboard paint" on the metal bucket!!!

I loved that the ceiling was low enough to hang my architectural pieces from...
I'd really like to get some feedback from your shopping experience at the show...  
Other than the First Day, I came home with almost a Full-Load...
Moving on to Selling my ViNtaGe Finds @ Grayslake this coming weekend -
Saturday & Sunday
November 12th & 13th
(see sidebar for details...)


  1. Ooh how I wish you lived closer to Portland, Oregon. I would LOVE to have you in our Christmas show at Monticello! Perfect fit!
    I'm with you on the "bazaar/craft" shows...not my cup o tea. Love your style and love following your blog.


  2. Tammys Vintage FindsNovember 8, 2011 at 8:58 AM

    Your booth was beautiful, so many great shabby items. I would have been in love with your stuff from the minute I walked in!

  3. Sounds like that event would have been the kind where my mom and I stopped in and your's would have been the ONLY booth we liked!! Your stuff is fantastic, sounds like it just wasn't the right fit.

  4. I agree, I would have hung out in your spot the whole time. that sleigh is killer!! xo

  5. My goodness...your booth looks outstanding!!! You should have come home with 1/4 of a load...oh well I guess it wasn't the right crowd. Hope you do well this weekend:)


  6. That sled is killer! I love it. Your displays, all of them, looked great! You should have come home with an empty truck. I guess we never know till we give stuff a try!

    Take care, Sue

  7. Your displays just make me green with envy...if only I had a tiny bit of your talent. You always have the most beautiful vignettes. You just make me want to leave the south and come to WI. Sorry you had to load so much good "stuff" to take home. Wish you were in Nashville. Love, love, love your blogs.

  8. Sorry it wasn't the best for you Jeanine; your space looked amazing as usual. Deciding which shows to invest time & energy in is always tricky and we don't know til we try. I'm really 'thinning the herd' for next year...going to try to stick with proven winners.

    Bet you'll hit it out of the park at Grayslake!


  9. That sled is fantastic as is the whole area. Love seeing your photos.

  10. I love your style! ANd you sure have the goods. I wish you were in MY neighborhood!

  11. Your booth is awesomely lovely! Your talent is inspiring-hope the next week is so much better for you! MaryC

  12. I love the little cloche with the owl inside! How darling!

  13. What a shame!! You just never know sometimes when you hear about a good show whether it will be good for you or not. Your booth looked fantastic as usual...better luck next time!!

    Hope you are well,


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