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Monday, October 17, 2011

HoLiDay Decorating Issue - ROMANTIC HOMES MAGAZINE...

N*E*W*S  F*L*A*S*H:
OMG!*!*!  Just received the November Issue of Romantic Home's ~ HoLiDay Decorating...  If you LoVe SHaBBy White - drop everything & head to the store for your copy right now!!!  Starting on Page 36 - is a "13" page spread with SHaBBy Whites & Holiday Decorating ~ OMG...  BeSt Ever!*!*!  Here's a "Sneak Peek"...

Hope you enjoy it as much as I am...


  1. Yep! I'm a subscriber. It is one of their best ever!

  2. I've been so busy, I haven't seen it yet. Thanks for the sneak, Jeanine.

  3. It's the best! And I have 2 local blogging friends featured..Debbie from Vintage Soul and Carol from The Polka Dot Closet. I would tell you the pages but I lent my magazine to a friend. On another note, I'm doing my first Fancy Flea show so I'm looking at you for inspiration!!

  4. thanks for the heads up! wish you were here last weekend!! it was a huge success...

  5. another romantic homes fan! this magazine filled the void when victoria stopped publication and i never looked back! my favorite simple inspiration in this issue . . . p. 68, those candles clustered in the silver baby cup--oh my! i'll be following you--great blog!


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