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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crusty... Rusty... BLACK BirdCage~ Sooooo HaLLoWeen!*!*!

Early-On this Fall I put a price tag on this "Black" BirdCage , planning to bring it to one of my shows...  Sooo glad I changed my mind!*!*!  Black is soooo FaB for HaLLoWeen...

 Crusty/Rusty Time~Worn PaTiNa... 
The ViNtaGe Paper Mache Owl Decoy was a fun choice for the inside of the cage...  

I found this very old Black Hat - adorned with the sweetest sprig of millinery & large black bow...  I just knew it would be PeRfeCt for Halloween!!!


  1. Great Halloween decorations. Thanks for sharing. I love the bird cage and hat.

  2. Loving it and agree it makes for a perfect Halloween vignette!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. its amazing and so nice i have topic related!They make a statement about the owner's taste and lifestyle.vision bird cage Bird cages can blend in artfully with the décor or they can be bold in contrast


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