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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** Shops KANE COUNTY FLEA MARKET Season Opener March 2011...

When I left Wisconsin on Friday, - the skies were "partly-sunny" & nearing 50 degrees!!!  I thought this was a good indication that SpRiNG was soon to come, and more importantly - OUTDOOR FLEA MARKET Fun!!! ~ I think my first picture tells it ALL!!! 

By Saturday Morning the weather had taken a MAJOR TURN!!!  Sooooo glad I Bundled Up and wore my mud boots!!!!!
Sleeting Snow...  Windy & COLD...
The parking lot was a grey "soupy mush bowl"...  
However, nothing stops ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! from netting yet another Chandelier Find!*!*!

Although the weather was extremely disappointing, - Cabin-Fever Spending abounded!!!
Everyone in Midwest has had enough of this long, long winter... 

Jackie had more "French Bling" in her booth than ever!!!  I thought 10 minutes tooooo long and missed out on an AwEsoMe Vintage Tole Lamp...

When I got to Rosemary's Booth ~ EVERYTHING was SELLING FAST!!!  Loved the Valance she was holding ~ PeRfeCt above a bed...  A glimpse of the Shabby White Dresser and Chandelier are now some FaB Finds I'll be keeping for a while...

There were random birdcage sightings every so often...

This CORBELS were H*U*G*E...

Mark & Janice were set up in an "out-building"...  Mark did a great job adorning the ceiling - which drew people in from afar...

Their booth was just mobbed!!! and items were selling!!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Michelle and Mariann of WILLOWS!!!  These ladies set up across from me at the Morris, Illinois 3-French Hens Show...  Their Shop is located in Dubuque, Iowa...  I just loved their Spring Display!!!  The Old G A R D E N letters went home with me...

Here's Carrie of Hot House Market!!!   Look at that AmAziNg Huge White Flower...

The ChiPPy Blue Table drew me in ~ and I FORGOT to re-visit it!!!

Hot House Market is ALWAYS COLORFUL!!!
Lots of Retro FiNds...

Sandy & Joe's Booth was one of the first I hit...  Sooooo many RED SOLD tags!*!*!

*** **** ***
Come Shop-My-SHaBBies this weekend,
March 12th & 13th 2011 - at the Grayslake Antique Flea Market!!!
(see sidebar for details)
~ and ~
Receive 1/2 OFF Admission just by printing out my blog page & handing it in at the ticket booth!!!
Hope to C-U-There!!!


  1. Besides the weather it appears you had a whale of time, I don't think we have such markets near where I live but would just love to go to one - the furthest I get is Car Boot Sales on a Sunday and now and again you do find a bargain but they are becoming harder to find! Keep up the good work showing piccies of your finds cos find it real interesting!

  2. wow I see so much I would snap up!! I am drooling!

  3. Oh it looked so nice! I am sad I missed it - I frequent that flea market so much.. it's close to where I live.

  4. I'm soooooo ready for a road trip, hopefully soon, just can't force these old bones out into the cold...not just yet...SOON!!! Great stuff Jeanine...thanks!


  5. looks like soooo much fun!!! Lots of fab finds!! xoxo gina p

  6. Thanks for the mention. Glad to see you out. I spotted Rosemary carrying that small white dresser in and I thought of you! Sometimes things in the universe just need to get together :) I am hoolingup today's post to you because I don't have my camera unpacked yet! Good luck at Grayslake!

  7. wow! wish I could have gone...I would have made it to the entrance and then had enough walking...

    this baby is comfy inside and refuses to enter the world I swear......save some good stuff for the farm :)

    did you know that Janice and Mark are selling here too?? I'm so excited to work with all of you!!

    Anne Marie
    (p.s. I hope Anita does in October!)

  8. Jeanine, Anita is right. Some things are just meant to be. You got your hands on the dresser just in time. Thanks for the mention and your great photos. I had no time to get away from my booth Saturday.
    Have a great show at Grayslake.


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