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Monday, March 21, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** Shops Antiques in & around ST.LOUIS...

As we worked our way to an Antique Bottle Show in St. Louis, Missouri, this past weekend, -  we cruised some of our favorite Antique Stops there and back...

After about 6 hours on the road...   The day turned out 81 degrees and Sunny!!!

I love visiting St. Louis ~ but we NEVER spend enough time there...

One of our "Must Stops" twice a year is Rick's Store ~ R. EGE ANTIQUES, in St. Louis...  I first met Rick at the Chicago Botanic Antique Garden Show in Glencoe, Illinois, many years back...  You can be assured he has some of the B*E*S*T  Authentic Antiques around!!!  Always a pleasure to shop his store!!!  Be sure to visit his booth at the Chicago Antiques & Garden Fair - 2011,  and check out the incredible pics on both his Blog & WebSite!!!  The outside of his building is AmAzinG as well...

I sooooo wanted to take this French Clock HOME!!!  PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy!!!

FaB Displays...

The Back Room Area  is my FaVoRite...  Rick seemed to have more Industrial than ever!*!*!  I love the natural light in this room ~ somewhat of a greenhouse feel...

The Antique Metal Tray had a FaBuLouS PaTiNa... 

Of Course there was a "Bling" Sighting!*!*!  Not only Chandeliers, but a just FaB Antique French Tiara...  
Maybe I'll get a second chance if Rick brings it to the Antique Garden Show!!! ~ LoVed It...

Very Early Architecture...

ChiPPy Iron Sighting...  SOLD long before we got there...

Warson Woods is a good Antique Stop in the St. Louis area... My favorite booth was a bit picked over by the time I got there late Saturday Afternoon...  I did however net a couple vintage finds...

This picture doesn't do the Antique Zinc Pediment justice...  This beauty probably graced the peak of an old Queen Anne Style Victorian...

Yet another amazing zinc architectural fragment...

Time to UnPack my FiNds!*!*! 

***  Speechless  ***


  1. lots of neat things Jeanine!! I haven't seen the book yet...does it look good?? really??

  2. since I live in St Louis thanks for the tips! Warson Woods is a great place but I imagine the other was Cherokee street?

  3. So, tell me why didn't you purchase that white Clock?? Are you thinking about it?? Love it!
    I hate when that happens. Looks like my kind of shopping. Thanks for sharing.
    xxx Liz

  4. Hi Jeanine,
    My daughter lives in St. Louis and I was just there last week. Warson Woods and Cherokee street are my favorites. There used to be a great dealer at Warson Woods. She was to the right in the front as you walk in. She moved away last year. She had the best stuff. I'll have to check out R. Ege next time. It looks like a great shop.Take care.

  5. Looks like you had a great,junkin weekend! Sooo many neat places....I have never been up in that part of the country but looks like I need to plan a trip! Thanks for sharing!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  6. There you go with your "chippy radar" again...more fun finds for you! I love the shape of that clock...


  7. Very cool tour!! Wish we had more the architectural zinc pieces around here!

  8. Wow, you came across some cool shops. I love Rick’s too.

  9. I'm just a little jealous ...yep, just a wee bit ...
    I need a road trip b.a.d.

  10. I didn't know about R.Ege Antiques. We'll have to hit it next time we're there, it looks wonderful! Sounds like you had a great trip!

  11. You take the most wonderful trips and find great chippy stuff. The clock is splendid.

  12. Hi Jeanine~
    I love the photo of the early red brick buildings. Someone built those so long ago. Structures like that and treasures in the mid-west antique stores certainly are a icing on the cake. So glad you had a good & safe trip. It's 7:19am and the sun is just peeking over the mountains with a layer of fog tucked into the valley below the sunrise. Exquisite. ~ Amy

  13. I live only 2 hours from St. Louis, so thanks for sharing and I will have to visit these shops. Who doesn't love antiques!

  14. Darn

    wish i had known there was something going on around St Louis this week end I am also just 2 hours away and would have attened in a heart beat. I was hope looking for something to do besides pick up the yard

    Anyway I am headed there next week end to see the shops you mentioned



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