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Monday, October 25, 2010

**Sneak Peek** ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Finds ~ Madison Wisconsin

OK...  I usually don't like to show "My ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Finds" when they're "not displayed" ~ HOWEVER - since toooo many of you asked ~ here's a "Sneak-Peek"!*!*!  You can see & buy these ViNtaGe Finds, all displayed for your shopping inspiration, at my NEXT SHOW ~ November 13th & 14th in Grayslake, Illinois...  (see sidebar for details)...  (Sorry... I cannot hold anything at this time - get there early for "The BeSt" Finds!*!*!)

Chippy White Basket ~ just fab for your holiday wrapping paper!!! Chippy Architectural Column... Chippy metal basket w/patina... Chippy green table w/just fab time-worn patina... Best-Ever Industrial Laundry Bin on wheels - nice smaller size!!!

Chippy White Stool w/great form!!!  Metal architectural fragment candle holder - perfect for the bathroom sink!!!

Just FaB ~ Industrial Box...

ChiPPy ViNtaGe Tole Chandelier ~ perfect as a decor accent on a porch... gazebo... (no electric)...  ChiPPy White Fence Fragment ~ perfect holiday background display... 

Might have to keep this "green metal tote" - has handles - perfect centerpiece display filled with holiday adornments...

 Sled Sighting...  Although it was perfectly chippy, I DID PASS ON IT... ~ Just a bit tooooo country/farm primitive for me???  What do YOU think??? - I can still call the shop...

Of course we stopped at my FaVoRiTe Diner!!!
Hubbard Avenue Diner in Middleton, Wisconsin - Madison Area...

The Chocolate/Raspberry Scone was delicious!*!*!

MORE on our Madison Antique Shopping in the next day or so...  AND please do let me know what you think about the SLED!*!*! ~ Buy or Not to Buy...
Thanks! ~ Jeanine


  1. three things
    1) guess I'll have to meet you at GL since I missed you at shop the shed
    2) my son goes to school in Madison
    3) he JUST named a baby girl Sofia ( on Friday)

    what are the chances?????
    tell me please where to shop in Madison, I'm going there this week!

  2. You have the best stuff!!!!!!!!lOVE that big laundry bin:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. That sled is to die for. Have you lost your chippy mind???? go get it..fill it with wicker baskets for xmas!

  4. Buy!!!!!!!!! And please let us know where to shop in Madison for chippy shabby!

  5. I think its a Buy. I can see it on a porch filled with Christmas greens and pinecones
    Fun stuff!

  6. I love the sled. I could see it filled with silver packages tied with lace, or packages wrapped in brown paper with vintage bling added to cream colored ribbons. It would be fabulous with a chippy shabby cherub, angel cement figure and cedar greens with red accents. I want that sled, oh the possibilities.

  7. I don't live far from Madison. Where did you shop? Thanks!


  8. ~*~*LOVE the chippy white column and laundry basket!!! ChIpPy ShAbBy WOW!!!! Hugs,Rachel ;)~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

  9. Sleds are great... can be a hard seller, however. It would look great at your house filled with greens.... just sayin'.

  10. That sled is shabby good! Get it!! ~judy~

  11. Girl you've got radar for the raddest finds!
    Good goin'!


  12. Wow! you got some great stuff there! Love the laundry bin, Rachel Ashwell bought one from me one time and she put on the check in the memo line: Trolley! I thought that was cute!

  13. Buy the sled!!!!! I would LOVE to find one like that!!!!!!

  14. OMG that sled......what a score you have there!!!Hope all is well, enjoyed taking a peek at your new junk goodies! Janna

  15. I love the laundry bin! And I would buy the sled provided the price is right!

  16. I think you need to call the shop my friend, that one will haunt you...

  17. I wish I could be there to visit you at that show - your laundry box is a hit - I love it have a got time there


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