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Sunday, October 17, 2010

**BeSt-Ever** ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! RoadSide SaLe!*!*!

ThAnK YOU!!! ~ ThAnK YOU!!! ~ ThAnK YOU!!! ~ ThAnK YOU!!! ~ ThAnK YOU!!!  To all of those who came out to shop my ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Finds yesterday...  BeSt Ever RoadSide SaLe!*!*!  I sold so well that I had to pull "more stuff out of the garage"...  AND - A Just Fab 70 degrees - "Indian Summer" Day!!!   I couldn't have asked for more... 

Just minutes before we opened...
A big "thank you" to my friend Sandy, and "Frog Husband" for helping me!!!   The night before, we set up - just the tent, which was a BIG help...  With not a hint of light at 6 a.m. we began set-up by light of a chandelier ~ which really got me going!*!*!  I love outdoor bling!*!*!  

I had no time to "tweak" the initial displays...  Traffic was pleasantly steady till noon... 

 Just FaB!!! ~ Old Box of sort, with a hint of crude industrial metal on the side...  Adorned with a mix of colored leaves/orange pumpkins made the old time-worn blue paint really pop...  PeRfeCt Thanksgiving table centerpiece!*!*!  Displays standing up as well... Still available... 

I recently picked up this ViNtaGe Owl on our New Hampshire road trip last week...  I loved it's Fall Adornments... 

It was fun to have a splash of "black/orange" with Halloween less than 2 weeks away...

Time-worn concrete Owl... PeRfeCt in the center of your birdbath -OR- Halloween Vignette!*!*!

I sold a couple "apple-green" frames...  One lady is putting a magnetic board in it - the other a chalk board...  Just Fab original old apple green paint...

I was secretly hoping that this cart would not sell - IT DID!*!*!  Just Fab!!! 

Hint of industrial...

I was also soooooo sad to see the folk-art owls sell... They were Just The Best...  I was sooo on the fence about selling them...  Oh well ~ can't keep everything...

 "Just FaB" ChiPPy CaNdeLaBra... It's been to a couple shows now and has yet to find a good home...  WHY???  It's a perfect table centerpiece for Thanksgiving with it's rust-colored candles...   NEXT SHOW it gets adorned with Christmas Greens and Red Candles!*!*!  

If it's still available, I'm happy to ship it!!!
(My EMAIL is on the sidebar)...

UpComing ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Shows
Possibly November "Grayslake" in Illinois...
I'll keep you posted!!!

Check back later in the week for MORE PICS of our Fall Trip last week...



  1. Jeanine- Well this is the second road side sale I've seen you post and I can tell you that you know how to do it right...it all looks so good!! How could anyone driving by not want to stop!! I had my first sale this year about a month ago...it was OK...looked nothing like yours...I have to work on my displays!!
    have a nice Sunday!
    Tammy :-)

  2. Congratulations ! The displays are lovely. I am not surprised that the cart sold - it was great.
    Have a good week :)

  3. Well I was thinking the same thing about your sale..wish I could have been there especially for that cart and the owls!! Glad to read you had a successful day and wasn't the weather just perfect for us!! Hope to see you soon as well until then happy hunting and selling!

  4. Wow! What a great sale! Super Cute stuff! I'm gonna have to make it up there next season! Keep up the Fab work!


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