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Monday, September 13, 2010

**Out-Of-Sorts** The SHABBY JOURNEY...

Yesterday's Lake Forest Illinois Show/Sales/Physical Work left me quite disheartened...    Firstly, doing these outdoor shows on a regular basis seems to be "just tooooo physical"...    Hauling/Lifting IN-OUT-UP, has left me with a swollen paw,  & numerous "black & blue" bruises, not to mention EXHAUSTED...   The challenge of stuffing my SHaBBieS in a small vehicle... The way tooooo early 4am traveling to strange places in the dark, by myself - looking for road turn offs... The physical set up of tent... tables... hooking heavy chandeliers onto the bungie cords...  OMG!!!  I've been living this Scenario consistently for the past month or sooooo....  My day job of 15 years ends this week...  I just don't know if I have it in me to continue... 

 My Husband is just AmaZinG!!! ~ He can REALLY PACK IT IN!*!*!  Honestly, there was not 1" of free space available by the time we shut the doors!*!*!

YES, this was ALL in my SHaBBy Car!!!  We had BEAUTIFUL WEATHER for an outdoor show!!!  I sooo enjoyed meeting some regular bloggers that stopped by and introduced themselves...

 These were THE ONLY large items I sold - "just pitiful"...
Now let me tell you... This is a very upscale area in Suburban Chicago...  I don't think they know what "SHABBY" is...  I mixed in some industrail - but only 1 metal bin sold...  What were they buying???  I saw a lot of LARGE Industrial Pieces going by the booth & Vintage UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS... 

I split a booth with Mariann...  Her booth seemed to be busy most of the day...  Just LoVely Display...  Mariann is headed to JUNK BONANZA this weekend & then off to the TEXAS SHOW!*!*!  Warrenton/Zapp Hall...

Look at Mariann's "funky tent top"!*!*!  It was billowing....
A big THANK YOU TO Mariann, Chris, & her husband Mark for helping me pack up... - It was quite a challenge with my very swollen paw...  

As for Sales...  I had my ears open at the end of the day listening to "other dealers talk"...  The word was ~ YES, I had a pretty decent day...  As for me - WHAT'S WRONG?????????  I took in as much as my "RoadSide Sale" at our home - and look at all the effort I put out...

   "Wrong market" for my wares???  I will be trying KANE COUNTY & GRAYSLAKE...

P.S.  In the meantime, I'll be packing it up again for THIS UPCOMING SATURDAY'S SHOW, only 11 miles from Cedarburg, in GERMANTOWN, WISCONSIN... Junk-In-Julie will be there also!!!  See sidebar for details...
Jobless ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! in Cedarburg...


  1. ~*~*I LOVE how your booth looked Jeannine!! Just chippy perfection as usual!! ;) Looks like you had a wonderful time!!~*~* :)Rachel

  2. It was probably just the wrong show for you! Don't give up!! You are super!! Remember the little ant and the rubber tree plant??? The not so good stuff, makes us appreciate the really good stuff even better!!

  3. Well your space surely looks great in the pics. It's so hard when it seems everyone else is doing well. Don't let it get to you or second guess yourself...just follow your heart and instincts and I'm sure the next show will be better!

  4. I'm surprised you didn't do better! I always wonder what I should take to different shows-I haven't figured out what sells at what show yet(just started this year). I think your booth looked great! Don't give up~ but I know how much work it is for a show(hate having to get up at the crack of dawn). Good luck next week!


  5. I used to do this show...
    I think they want that vintage feel but mixed with a little more "dressy"
    I used to sell my "finer" looking stuff.

    girl ... you have to stop over and see my latest chippyshabby

  6. hey girl. well first off thanks for your always sweet comments. second woohoo to maryann, i love her and will see her soon in texas. now for you and the show. i have the same experience here sometimes and scratch my head as to what to do. it isn't your stuff or your display cause both are superior! it could be the customer base. who knows these days. i know how you feel, cause this is butt bustin work for very little sometimes. keep trying and maybe venture out a bit to new areas. best of luck and will miss you in texas.



  7. Everything looks just great to me! I would love to have booths like that at shows around here!!

  8. Jeanine, the City Farmer was probably right on. I'm coming on Saturday,
    I will talk to you then about a thought on the show. Your treasures are always top notch and don't forget it. It is a lot of hard work, and don't be discouraged. One day at the shop I had a 1200.00 return. I thought I was done in, and the next day I had the biggest day in the history of the shop. Ebb and flow, that's all. You'll be fine as you were meant to do this.
    Big Hug,

  9. If I lived close, I'd be shopping your booth. ~ Sarah

  10. Hi Jeanine ~ I know it can be quite disheartening when you work so hard and then don't do well!! If we just had a crystal ball that told us what will sell it would make life so much easier!! Don't give up--hang in there and go put your feet up and ice that hand!! See you Sat. and thanks for the mention!! Big hugs, Julie

  11. Your car looks like our car as we com home last saturday night - we was shopping as the biggest fleamarket in the east of germany - we have see so mutch lovely things there - it was like a paradise - many regards from rainy germany

  12. It's the hardest thing in the world to NOT take it personally when we don't do good at a show, but you have FABULOUS stuff displayed so beautifully, that I'd say it was just more about what THOSE particular people were looking for on THAT particular day! (in this economy, I find it a miracle when I sell ANYTHING, since it isn't a necessity!) Hang in there--you are the BEST!

  13. I am glad it was a hit for you and everything looked just wonderful. If I were there your booth would of not been missed by me, HUGS MARY

  14. I used to do shows like you, but the travel, the weather, the hauling of heavy pieces just took too much of a toll on me and I stopped. Now, I sell at two antique malls and have an Etsy shop. I don't miss shows at all! They are fun to go to as a shopper, though.

  15. You KNOW I've had days like that...there's just no explainin' it! Hope your "paw" is feeling better by now.

    Maybe I'll see you at Kane.
    Have a great time at G'town this weekend and say hi to Junkin' Julie for me!


  16. I can totally relate- did you see my post on my July 3rd Sunday in Bloomington? I felt the same way. I think that a lot of people have no idea how much physical work goes into the loading, set up and take down of a show. I had a couple friends who thought it was the way to quick easy cash- boy did they learn! It's fun, sure, but it is a lot of hard work!

  17. I love your booth! If I lived closer I would have bought several things from you. I've been thinking about trying my hand at selling 'shabby things' this way. I've never done it before but I can tell that there will be a lot of hard work involved. I have a booth in a Vendor's Mart but I want more hands on. Thanks for the ideas. Hope you get to feeling better and don't give up! :)


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