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Sunday, September 19, 2010

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** SaTurDaY's Show - Germantown, Wisconsin...

I arrived at the Germantown Show Saturday Morning around 5:15 a.m.  ~ I was the only one there...  Properly "Geared-Up" -  I used my car headlights to unload in the middle of a major lightening/thunderstorm - OMG!*!*!  Thank goodness I had a great spot under a well sheltered "Front Porch"!!!  Before long others started arriving & the storm had stopped for the most part...

I had a great location with lots of road side exposure...

This was an incredible chippy basket I had brought to sell!*!*! - and indeed it did - SOLD!!!

Basket ~ Top Edge View... 

I'm actually glad my architectural ventilator did not sell...  It's such a perfect size - not too big!!!  I'm going to display it in our entry vignette this Christmas...  Can't you just see it's inside center loaded with lights ~ and it's base setting on greens accented with ornaments!*!*! 
I can...

This "Just Fab"  PeRfeCtLy crusty, rusty, chippy black stool SOLD too...

I loved this "fall-themed" BiRd FeeDeR - SOLD!!!

 With a slow-paced selling day, I was able to talk with quite a few customers...   I enoyed talking to Michelle for quite a long time...

 THE BeSt surprise of the day was a visit from "ANGIE of Viva la Cottage", in Door County!!!  Bless her heart - She definitely brought some sunshine to my booth!*!*!  AND we got to chit-chat for quite a while...  YOU must put her store, VIVA LA COTTAGE, on your Must Visit List!!! It reminds me of a "little Anthropologie" - "Just FaB DiSpLays"!!!
Please do click on the 2 links above to get a sneak peek of Viva... 

I always have an outdoor booth space at her ViNtage Market - held traditionally the weekend AFTER 4th of July Holiday...  Click here to see pics of my ChiPPy!-SHaBBy Booth this past July at Angie's...
Mark your calendar for NEXT YEAR...

Is That Squirrel adorable or what!!!  He would look sooooo PeRfeCt by a front door...   Unfortunately he went home with me...  The birdcage sporting an OWL-On-Branch, along with the hanging planter SOLD!!!

Mary & her Mom came from Manitowoc, just to shop my SHaBBy Booth!!! ~  Mary only buys what she definitely has a plan for - and what a good eye she has!!!  Her Mom, Kathy has such great display ideas!!!  Thank you Ladies for all your support...

This darling birdbath stand of sort will also look great adorned with Christmas Greens & ornaments - inside or out...  SOLD!!!

I snapped "JunkinJulie's" first SaLe of The Day - the Bird Cage she had blogged about...  It was nice to be able to chat with Julie off and on all day... I did come away with a couple finds from her booth.  I have bought from Julie for many years...  One of her booth spaces is in Plymouth, Wisconsin - @ the Red Rooster...

Even though the show was a bit off due to the rainy weather, I ended up doing - "OK"...   It's a very small show, so the crowd it draws is "iffy"...  I thank each and every one of you bloggers who came out just to shop my ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! booth!*!*!  I'm going to keep plugging away no matter what!!!  Thanks soooo much for all your support...


  1. Hey I’ve shopped at the Red Rooster in Plymouth...cool lil shop...quaint little town...on my Way!!

  2. Good to hear you spirits are high!

  3. love the black stool, but oh my gosh do i ever adore that ventilator! meant to be yours for sure. keep tryin', that's all we can do.



  4. You are a doll to mention me, thanks so much! I absolutely LOVE what I bought from you. If my budget was endless, I'd just hire you to buy for me! It was hands down the most inspiring booth I saw.
    Keep up the good work Ms. Jeanine!

  5. thanks ! i love those bricks keep them sell them i don't know i have an idea maybe in the spring we have been working on buildings trying to catch up on what your doing very cool as always

  6. ~*~Looks like a fun day!! LOVE your stuff~*~ Rachel :)~*

  7. Love your pics, and looks like a great show!!! Cathy aka GGJ


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