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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sidewalk P E N N I E S!**!**!

I love yielding to the kid in me whether it be picking up a penny off the sidewalk or coasting on the edge of a shopping cart... I knew there was a reason I parked my car far from the Grocery Store entrance!!! I find such joy in these simple things... Being "over 50" has empowered me to let go and live!!!

Find a Penny ~ Pick it UP ~ All the day you'll have good Luck!!! Yes! ~ I still bend down to pick up that occasional penny one might find on the sidewalk, & repeat the rhyme too... ~ It always brings a BIG smile to my face!!! A couple days ago, Jeff & I made a mid afternoon pit stop at "Michael's Frozen Custard Stand" in Madison, Wisconsin - about 2 hours west of us... I was feeling a bit out of sorts ~ we had just come from a funeral in Iowa... There it was - the penny on the sidewalk... I picked it up ~ recited the rhyme ~ and into my pocket it went... As I gazed around the room, enjoying the retro decor, my sites came upon 2 whimsical ViNtaGe "Fortune Telling" machines... Guess what - they actually were in working order ~ and all it took was a PENNY!!! I had soooooo much fun yielding to that kid in me for only a penny!*!*!*

Madison, Wisconsin

Retro Diner Look...


  1. You neglected to mention these vintage machines were SCALES...to weigh oneself. So, how much did you weight....in vintage lbs.? See what a penny can still buy; frog trouble!

  2. OMG!!!! ~ If I remember right YOU were the one that wanted to stop there!!!!
    Kisses ~ J


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