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Saturday, October 17, 2009

**PETERBOROUGH** New Hampshire!!!!!!

Back from our "New England" Fall Trip!!!! ALL the leaves were at their PeRfeCt Peak!!! My FaVoRiTe stop this year was in ***PETERBOROUGH, NEW HAMPSHIRE***... I just LoVe this little Town!!! Peterborough's town center is soooo UpScale!!! ~ Nested down in a valley ~ soooo picturesque New England!!! My Most Favorite shop of the whole trip was Bowerbird & Friends!!!!! Kathy has done such a FaBuLouS job of display ~ and even better ~ EVERYTHING is for SaLe!!!!! Don't you just hate it when you see an awesome display and it says NFS... It was so nice meeting Kathy ~ she has such enthusiasm and light spirit about her ~ it reflects in her store... I netted "2" exceptional finds at Bowerbird, "An AwEsoMe FLUTED BARBOLA COLUMN, & 2-DIE-FOR CHiPPy METAL CHAIR... I think both of these will be keepers for a long time!!! The back of her shop runs along the town's creek/river and the leaves at this time of year were the perfect magical adornment... To our surprise, Kathy had quite a few bottles that my husband, Jeff, was able to appraise for her... We both had such a great time in this shop!!! ThAnK YoU Kathy!!! Across the street was RED CHAIR ANTIQUES... Since we were there 4 years ago, she moved into a bigger spot... RED CHAIR has a lot of European Antiques... I did buy a FaBuLouS CHiPPy Wall Cupboard - Great Form!!! - Endless possibilities... If I can't find the PeRfeCt spot for this in our home ~ I'll put it on Ebay this Winter Selling Season... **NOTE ~ GOOGLE Chippy Shabby, I'm the first one up and it will take you to my EBAY ME PAGE** Bookmarking me for my WiNteR Selling SeAsoN would be much appreciated!!! Peterborough has ThE BeSt "Sweet Treats"!!! We always get these FaBuLouS Espresso Brownies, but this year tried the Cinnamon Buns ~ YES, I went back for seconds... More on our NEW ENGLAND ROAD TRIP in the next few days... BED & BREAKFAST INNS... BOTTLE SHOW... OTHER ANTIQUE STOPS... PICTURESQUE COUNTRYSIDE... Feel free to leave comments... (click on any picture to enlarge...) EnJoY!!!

These well done FLAGS welcomed visitors all over the town...

MOST FaVoRiTe Shop of the entire trip!!!!
bowerbird & friends - AntiQueS!!!!

BeSt Ever!!!! ViNtaGe Fluted Column adorned
with Original Barbola Gardland!!!!

Proprietor ~ Katherine Forrest
bowerbird & friends

bowerbird & friends...

"Bottle Talk"
My husband Jeff & Kathy...

The PeRfeCt "ChiPPy Chairs"!!!

This picture doesn't do the old medicine cabinet justice...
I loved it!!!

Leaves at their peak in the town center...

BeSt Buns!!!

This could have been a great Store Entrance!!!


ChiPPy!!! ~ Endless Display Possibilities...

Inside ~ Red Chair..

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  1. The PERFECT day....Beautiful weather, great antiquing, the stereotypical charming New England village, peak Fall colors AND
    the SWEETEST of sweets....no not the cinnamon rolls, but my wonderful wife Jeanine!
    Love, Jeffrey(Your Bottle-frog husband)


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