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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Weekend's MAXWELL STREET FLEA MARKET - Cedarburg WI

 I love OUTDOOR BOOTHS!*!*!   There's just a certain look you get with white tents & nature's backdrop!!!  Well, let me tell you, the weather could not have been any better!!! ~ mostly sunny with minimum wind...  WIND is ALWAYS a factor!  The HEAT came upon us around 10:30 a.m. - and HOT-HOT-HOT it was!!!  I honestly can't believe I pulled it all together so quickly after my HUGE SaLe the weekend before...  My husband, Jeff was such a BIG HELP! ~ Thanks for hanging in there Honey!!!  This is PART-ONE of Cedarburg's Flea Market this past Sunday...  (CLICK ON PICS TO ENLARGE)

 Here I am with Kathy the morning of the Flea Market before the public was let in.  This is "DAN'S BOOTH"...  Dan has ThE BeSt STuFF!*!*!  Kathy's Booth is right next to his ~ so she "grabs all the awesome shabby stuff right away"...

 I did a bit of shopping before I untarped my booth...

What will the day bring???  I only sell at the MAY MAXWELL STREET...

I was very happy with the way "this year's" layout came out...

I'm trying to take more pics of customers in my booth ~ I enjoy seeing them after...  JUST LOOK AT THOSE FUN POLKA-DOT BAGS!!!  The Ladies told me they got them at the Market...

Late in the day I was able to sneak over to Mariann's Booth!!!  This Lady is at EVERY FLEA MARKET in the U.S.!!!  I'll see her next at the Northwind Perennial Farm Antique Garden Show, just outside of Lake Geneva June 11th & 12th ~ We both have booths there...

AwEsoMe Find!!!  This Lady bought my "ViNtaGe ROLLER RINK Carrying Case" from Waukesha, Wisconsin... GREAT FIND!!!

Here's "Smitty & Katherine" late in the afternoon...  As you can see, "Looks like they had a GREAT DAY"!*!*!  Katherine has a darling shop in the town of Plymouth, Wisconsin.  FIBBER MCGEE'S CLOSET... ~ A mix of New & Vintage...  The store is a must-visit if you're up that way...  

This booth was well organized ~ lots of advertising...

I bought quite a few things out of this booth...

 This seller always has interesting items...  I loved the chandelier fixtures resting on the table...  YES, the bird house went home with me... I think it MAY be a keeper AFTER the newer board surrounds are removed...

As I headed back to my booth to untarp, I saw this truck pulling up...  It sure got my attention!!!  I loved the colors AND those legs popping up!!!  NO, never got to really see what was in there...  CHECK BACK IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS TO SEE EVEN MORE FLEA MARKET PICS FROM SUNDAY...


  1. How do you resist spending all your profits in other people's booths? It would take immense self control for me. I like that pic of the two ladies with the polka dot purses...too cute! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog♥


  2. Looks like a great place to shop. Hope you had a great show. And there's my neighbor and friend Mariann, hope she did well too.

  3. Oh what fun that looks like! Hope you had a successful show!!!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Simply heaven! Those polka dot bags are too cute and just perfect for goin' antiquin'!

  5. Jeanine everything looks wonderful, but you were the cutest thing there!!
    Glad you had a great weekend!

  6. Hi Jeanine, OH, you sure make me wish I woulda closed up my garage sale and came down there instead!! Thanks for the great pics!! Isn't Smitty a HOOT?!? He always makes me laugh! Your booth looked fab as usual! See ya, Julie

  7. FUN FUN FUN...LOVE the birdhouse, hope you had lots of sales, the booth looks awesome!!!

    sweet repose
    forgot I was still logged into my daughter's blog...ha!


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