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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

ViNTaGe Chistmas ViBes...

~* Let's Talk Vignettes *~

If you've followed me long enough, you know I love creating *Seasonal Vignettes* in-our-home.   I'm anxious to see what transpires for "This Year's" Christmas Vignette.  It just takes finding ONE ITEM, to kick-start the process...

The Following pics
~* ChRiStMas Past *~

This one started with the Concrete Angel as my inspiration...  Everything else evolved around her...  That  year was a *SHaBBy WHiTE OUT with Bling*!*!*!

This Year's inspiration was prompted by ~ the architectural base that supports a vintage tree...  I remember wanting a *ViNtaGe SHaBBy WHiTe-OuT*, with lots of ArchiTeCturaL SaLvaGe!!!  I loved it!!!

This was last year's (2022) HoLiDay Vignette
I had picked up the green wooden tree at a Flea Market in the Summer...  Everything else fell in place after that!  I was able to "showcase" my ViNtaGe Snow Can Collection!!!  

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