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One Of a Kind FiNds!*!*!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

~*ViNtaGe Hearts for VaLeNtines...


It's FEBRUARY!*!*!
This year's seasonal display in-our-home

A more recent find, that I snagged at a HoLiDay Show in November... 
ChiPPy-WHiTe Arched Frame 
 FaB FiNd from my FaVoRiTe Dealer Friend, Jackie, in Michigan.

~*My Heart Be StiLL*~
I've had this Heart Tin Pan for a very long time...
I loved that I'm FINALLY displaying it!!!
ALL IT NEEDED were these darling little cards ~ perhaps from some sort of game???
  *JuSt-PeRfeCt* for this heart pan!*!*!  The cards were a recent find from my friend Carol's Booth in Germantown WI.  Sometimes it's just the smallest of things that make it all come together!!!

ViNtaGe VaLeNtiNe Heart Planter

~*Naturally Time-Worn*~ 
Old Paint-Loss Crackling/Crazing
in all the right places!!!

- Architectural SaLvaGe - 
Naturally Time-Worn & ChiPPy!!!
I always love "mixing-in"  Pieces of SaLvaGe to my vignettes...

~*Heart Flower Frog*~
RaRe...  One-Of-A-Kind...
- Another Vintage Valentine Planter -
~*DoVe LoVe BiRds*~
under cloche...

"Bake King" Metal Heart Pan
Adorned with "a little sprig of sweetness"
heart handkerchief, cupid cupcake topper, red velvet ribbon

You can easily hang light to medium weight metal on your wall
with one nail, & a flat piece of magnet on the wall first!  

I always save these Dried Red Berries from late Fall... 
 I love the refreshing *PoP-Of-Color* that they bring to my Seasonal Vignette at this time of year!!!


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