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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Easing Into FaLL with ViNtaGe Finds...

~ My Early FaLL Vignettes are influenced by NaTuRe ~

*The Squirrels are getting very busy
*The Hydrangeas have turned a gorgeous apple green
*Farmers Market Flowers are so deep & vibrant in color
*Cool Nites call for plaid wool blankets
*Owls are hooting in the nite

Bittersweet vines & Pumpkins
will randomly be making there appearance,
 along with endless weeks of colorful leaves.


A Black Squirrel NutCracker!!!
The green accents are from my walks...
leaves... berries... nuts...
It's hard to "see" the background trellis of sort
 but it has chippy-white metal leaves & acorn impressions...

The Amber Bottles from the 1950's, 
create a sense of "warmth"...

~*My FaVoRiTe*~
Although we no longer live on the property where I harvested these for more than 16 years, I spied a business that had an entire side wall full of these, ~ kindly asked if I could *clip-some*...  I live here in Wisconsin, and all I do to dry them, is hang them upside down for about 5 days - THAT'S IT!!!

Farmer's Market Flower Blooms
Now into October, I LoVe visiting the Farmer's for FLOWERS!
They last so much longer!!! 
Using ViNtaGe Containers, make for an extra special display...
This Re-Purposed IceCream Bucket, is such a nice smaller size.

PeRfeCt for early morning coffee on-the-deck, around a fire pit, 
or watching an outdoor football game.

A Gathering of OWLS...


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