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Friday, May 28, 2021

ViNtaGe RED... WHITE... BLUE... HoLiDay Displays

Red... White... Blue...
The Patriotic Americana Colors

I love Creating a "Seasonal Display Area" in-our-home, that relates to the whats happening at that particular time of year.


I LoVe being ~*On-The-Hunt*~ for ViNtaGe Finds to pop-in these seasonal displays!!!  
*Sooooo Much More-Interesting than brand new!*!*!

Red... White... Blue...
Seasonal HoLiDay Displays ~ Over the Years

This Is **My FaVoRiTe**
  Red... White... & Blue... Display!*!*!
 ~ Created Last Year, 2020...
I don't think I could ever top *This-One*...

~*PeRFeCtLy ChiPPy*~
 Red Metal Cylinder is actually an older naturally time-worn "Newspaper Tube"!*!*!  
The ViNtaGe Plastic STARS are "Christmas Ornaments!!!

Flag Toothpick Cupcake Toppers 
N*O*W adorning vintage crown top soda bottles from Mayville Wisconsin.  I LoVe the Sailboat graphics on the bottles...

FaB Old Time-Worn ChiPPy RED Paint PaTiNa on this vintage automotive tire wash stand!!!  The Older American Flags were a perfect Americana "go-with" for repurposing it!!! 

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