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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Waiting For SPRINGTIME ~ Ugh...


~** WHiLe-We-Wait **~

For this entire past year, it seems that ALL I'VE BEEN DOING, is WAITING & HOPING!!!   Still dealing with all the aspects of the pandemic, and now - Severe Frigid Temps along with "MOUNTAINS OF SNOW", make me feel like I'm "Trapped in a Snow Globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm really trying to stay "hopeful" - that better days will eventually come...
Will I ever get back to SeLLing My ChiPPy-SHaBBy ViNtaGe Finds at various Flea Markets & Speciality Shows???  - It's been way toooooo long!*!*!     

*I Miss Seeing All of My Wonderful Customers!!!
*I Miss the "Chit-Chat"!!!
*I Miss Setting-Up Displays at the Flea Markets!!!
*I Miss All the Inspiration
 a LIVE SHOPPING Experience Brings!!!
On... & On...

The reality of living in Wisconsin & close to Lake Michigan, - is that Springtime comes late here.   Honestly, I've had daffodils still blooming in the month of MAY!!!  *This Year* it's going to be MONTHS-YET, before I see my 1st Garden Hose Sighting!!!

After Valentine's Day, I like to start pulling out some of my ViNtaGe Birdie Adornments...  BiRdies & live flowering Bulb-Plants in terrariums should keep me going until Mid-March...  Maybe by then I'll have some *GOOD NEWS* about upcoming events!

PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy...  Naturally Time-Worn... Paint Loss PaTiNa...
 ViNtaGe Italian Tole 
~* BiRdie & Cherries  *~

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