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Friday, January 1, 2021

A Much WeLCoMed New Year... ~*JANUARY*~ -2021-


Starting Off the *New Year* in-our-home, with a very cheerful, fresh, light, & welcoming


I've always loved designating  ~just one main area~  in our home to create *Seasonal Vignettes*...

  I like the IMPACT/STATEMENT it creates - having just this ONE area, verses spreading it out all over the home.  I focus, for the most part on selecting One-Of-A-Kind *ViNtaGe FiNdS* to create these Vignettes...  I look to nature for inspiration & re-purposing objects to relate to a seasonal look ...  

 I chose to put away  WINTER themed adornments such as snow shoes, skis, ice skates etc. -  even tho they relate to winter...  I've just had enough of these in previous Holiday Displays.   THIS YEAR I WANTED SOMETHING  FRESH, BRIGHT, & UP-LIFTING!!!   

White Vintage Tote
with FReSh/ALiVe Green Leaves..

Dried Oranges ~ Strung on a ViNtaGe Ladder...
I've always wanted to try drying oranges!!! - This was the year!
I cannot tell you how wonderful it makes me feel adding this 
in the dead of winter!!!  

ViNtaGe Nail Barrel
Filled with twigs, pinecones, dried orange slices & vintage birds...

ViNtaGe *Spun-Cotton* BiRdiE
Dried Orange Slices...

Using an *Old-SHaBBy* Chippy-White Ladder as an anchor piece,
created a lot of  "air-space" - lending a much cleaner/less busy look ~ especially after the holidays.  Adding some "Dark Mink Fur Balls, Mini Lights, & Candles, added just the right balance of Winter & FreShness I was looking for...

Stay Safe *Out-There*!!!
Better Times are Around the Corner!!!

Hoping... Wishing... 
to get some ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHOW DATES
on this ~*2021*~ Calendar!!!!!

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