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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

B*A*C*K from SeLLiNg SHaBBies - ELKHORN FLEA - Wisconsin

~** THanK Y*O*U **~ 
for finding me in my "New Indoor Booth Space"
at this PAST WEEKEND'S August Elkhorn Flea Market in Wisconsin...

Inside...  -Or-  Outside...  Booth???
After 2 consecutive years of challenging weather at this particular market, we opted to NOW SELL INSIDE a building.  Upon arriving shortly before 5am on Sunday morning, we were "thankful" being inside a building - it was RAINING...  HOWEVER, after a couple hours - the weather turned, making for a Fab OUTDOOR DAY to shop the flea!
Y*E*S, we did so very much miss being OutDoors!!!
Despite having "2 open entrances" to our building, we missed feeling the breeze...
 people watching...  & most of all, seeing what finds were rolling by on everyone's carts!!!

 Having a full back wall was nice to hang items on, 
but I still missed HANGING Shabbies from the Outside Tent...

ChiPPy-SHaBBy Booth - Elkhorn Flea

Mother & Daughter ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHoPPers!!!
Sooooo Cute!!! ~ Netted the Rolling Cart & Cubby Drawer Box!

 These Fab ViNtaGe Indian Canoe Paddles
 S*O*L*D Early-On...

 These ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHoPPeRs were Sooooo Fun!!!
E*V*E*R*Y*T*H*I*N*G on the Cart 
was from my Booth!!!

 BeSt-Ever Color on this Fab Old Ice Cream Bucket
with hints of ChiPPy-Old WHiTe Paint Poking Through!!!

 This FaB Old/Vintage Box
Went to The PERFECT HOME!!!
 ~ Both School Teachers in Racine WI ~

 Architectural Spindle Trim Fragment

FaB ViNtaGe Scalloped-Edge Table with drawer!!!
LoVed it's NATURAL Time-Worn PaTiNa!*!*!

~Time-Worn Imperfections~ 
on this Old Arched Piece of Architectural SaLvaGe

ChiPPy Sides of the Booth...  Guy Side of the Booth...
My "Frog-Husband" was a big help getting items down off the wall
 in-between selling his "bottles & guy-stuff"...

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  1. So sweet to see you did so well at Elkhorn. We were out of town and I miss that flea. Hope we will make the next one. Good to see you and your hubby. Adorable pic of the two of you.


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