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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Soooo MiSSiNg Selling... Buying... Setting Up AT-THE-FLEA...


Only days away from officially listing
 Our Home For Sale
- My ~*Sweet Frog Husband*~
  Had Open Heart Bi-Pass surgery,
as a result of severely failing a Treadmill Stress Test!

 To look at him - he was in such GREAT shape...   Home for just a few days now - he is doing well - but it’s a SLOW RECOVERY process with lots of rehab appointments…   My focus RIGHT NOW - is taking care of him during this recovery period, and needless to say - we’ll be staying in our home a bit longer now till life gets back to normal…

  I still am planning to set up at ELKHORN FLEA on AUGUST 12th, -even if just by myself.   I am Sooooo Missing Buying, Selling,  & Setting Up Displays at ALL these Summer Events!!!  ~**LiFe HaPPeNs**~
  I’ll be back at it all ~ in due time!


  1. Take good care of your man . . . there will always be another show, but you only have one sweet man.
    God Bless you both.
    Connie :)

  2. Jeanine, so glad he is on the mend and you are there to help him along the way. I have been thinking of you all and glad that he is home.

  3. So happy to hear your sweet hubby is feeling better and healing nicely. Yep take good care of him. He is a keeper. Soon very soon you will be back to selling your chippy's! Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

  4. so sorry to hear this, it will get better as time goes on

  5. I'm so glad they found the damage before he had a heart attack. I hope he is mending quickly.


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