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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

ViNtaGe PoTTiNg TABLE ~ ZiNC Liner!!!

FaB Warm... SuNNy... DaY!!!
JuSt PeRfeCt ~ for doing some OuTDooR PoTTiNg!*!*!

 Recent Keeper-FiNd!!!
ViNtaGe PoTTinG TaBLe
Old Aqua/Blue Paint
Zinc Liner 

**Maybe in Our NEXT HOUSE, I'll have a Potting Shed???

Nice ViSiT from a bumble bee!!!

RuSty... CrUsTy... L*O*V*E!!! 
LoVe the yummy-orange-color of the "Viola Flowers"
 Against the RuSt!!!
BeSt Old Rusty... Crusty... STOOL!!!
Layers.... & Layers....
 of Old ChiPPy-PaiNt PoKing Through...

Re-PuRpoSed Food Sieve
NOW ~ Planter!!!
**I lined the inside cone with landscape fabric 
to stop the dirt from coming through**

Oh-No!*!*! ~ Our Door OPENS-IN...


  1. oooh! Crushing on that potting table, its a lovely color! I'd keep it, too.

  2. Love the food sieve planter....did you make the stand or is that original to it?


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