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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Ahhhhhh Wisconsin.... LET~IT~S*N*O*W!*!*!

Although we have a L*O*N*G Cold  WINTER, Here in Wisconsin 
(about 5-months)...  I still LoVe the Season's First Snow Fall
& All through the HoLiDays...
~* A Magical Wonderland *~

 Out & About Early This Morning, tiny
Snow Flakes started to create a dusting effect 
in nooks and crannies on our property...
Boots On... Ski Poles in hand down a slippery hill,
I headed toward my Frog-Husband's stacked wood pile
in search of some ~*Birch-Logs*~ to fill my
 SHaBBy Old-Red ViNtaGe Ice Cream Bucket!*!*!

 Now Brown Hydrangeas,
later in the day appeared like

Vibrant Fall Cabbage Plants still going strong,
with a dusting of S*N*O*W...
I'm most certain the lavender plant will be totally
wilted by morning...

 Our beautiful Cedar Trees 
Looked Stunning!!!
~*Like Icing On-A-Cake*~

Winter In-The-Garden
Dusted with S*N*O*W...

A PeRfeCt Afternoon to 
BaKe HoLiDay CooKies!*!*!
Traditional *Snowballs* ~ YuM!!!
Thumbprint Cookies w/raspberry filling...

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  1. I LOVE it

    Let It Snow for sure
    we had a little snow here in central Missouri Sunday morning


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