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Sunday, March 6, 2016

ViNtaGe Clothespin Bag...

~*Feeling Hopeful*~
That SPRING will Come...

This ViNtaGe Champion Clothespin Bag
is a reminder of *Days-Gone-By*...
There's nothing better than the feel and scent of "Bed Sheets"
that have been hung out on the line to dry!!!
~ NOW Re-Purposed ~
Displayed hung on a ladder with
a bouquet of Fresh Spring Tulips!*!*! 
This would make a FaB House-Warming Gift, 
filled with Laundry Products!!!

I've come to find that"different years" had different prices!!!
I've seen 49cents -59cents- 69cents...

Have a Great Day!!!
S*U*N is Out in Wisconsin!!!


  1. I bought the same one many years ago, love the graphics!

  2. I remember those---my mom had one back in the fifties...cool catch...and great use of a vintage reminder of the past.


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