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Thursday, December 3, 2015

LoVing ViNtaGe R*E*D Adornments - This HoLiDay Season!*!*!

Starting to bring out "some"
 ViNtaGe HoLiDay Adornments
*~ The HoLiDay "Go-With Color" This Season ~*
Just loving the FaB, - Naturally time-worn PaTiNa
on this ViNtaGe Red Lantern!!!
I see these vintage water-tight, battery operated lanterns at flea markets all the time...  HOWEVER, the COLOR & PATINA on *This-One* won me over... 
AwEsoMe Find from ViNtaGe Bliss in Beloit, Wisconsin

~* S*I*M*P*L*E  ViGneTTe *~ 
Fresh Spruce Tips in an Old Presto Canning Jar...
ViNtaGe Red Lantern adorned for the Holidays...
Large Sugar Pine Cones...

 Child's ViNtaGe Wooden Skis
Black Rubber... Fabric Strap... Original Old Red Paint...
**AwEsoMe Pointed Tips**

 Every year I bring out this 
from Sturgeon Bay, in DOOR COUNTY, Wisconsin...

A temporary spot for these skis till 
they go out On-The-Porch!*!*!



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