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Saturday, August 22, 2015

P*L*A*I*D for FaLL...

F*A*L*L is a great time for Rich Deeper Colors...
I LoVe Hints of  P*L*A*I*D
At This Time Of Year!!!

Going through my "Seasonal Fall Items S*T*A*S*H" -
I Unearthed this FaB
 Old/ViNtaGe  P*L*A*I*D  LUNCHBOX!*!*!
*~Just A Hint MORE of FaLL Appeal~* 

ViNtaGe Wool Blanket
*~Orange ~ Plaid~* 

 Display stacked on Benches, Rolled in Baskets,
 At the foot of Your Bed, Hung on Ladders...

Have a GREAT WeekEnd!*!*!
I'm forcing myself to WORK-IN-THE-GARAGE!!!
I know I'll be glad I did once I get going...


  1. Have fun in your garden, Jeanine. I'm for plaid anytime of year, but yours are perfect for autumn. Yummy!

  2. The plaid lunch box made me think of a metal picnic basket that I've seen. Maybe I saw it on here once. I just love the metal/tin boxes.

  3. LOVE plaid and all the orange!! Those wool blankets are SWEET~~~Autumn Bliss~~~Roxie


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