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Monday, July 20, 2015

LAST SaTurday's Mid-SuMMer S*A*L*E @ ChiPPy-SHaBBy's House...

From the *Bottom Of My Heart*
THanK Y*O*U...  THanK Y*O*U... 
 THank Y*O*U...
ChiPPy-SHaBBy ShoPPers!*!*!

 looked beyond fabulous for this PAST SaTurDay's Sale!!!
  With just a 1percent chance of rain, and low wind levels, I made the decision to *Set-Up* in my favorite spot, ~ on the crest of our driveway by the *RoadSide*...

By 7am Saturday Morning, I was completely set-up
 with all the final touches...
  I sent "Frog-Husband" out & about to put up the SaLe Signs around Town... I was just about ready to start taking some pics - when 2 runners came up to me and showed me their phone ~ OMG!!!  
In the next 10 minutes the weather was going to take a SEVERE TURN!!! ~ YOU could see it coming in the sky to the SouthWest...  The wind was picking up... I crazily went to work on covering my electric chandeliers, laying items down, and sandwiching furniture from the front lawn area - under my two tents...  

THE STORM CAME ~ But so did my ChiPPy-SHaBBy Customers!!!!!!
Needless to say, very few early morning pictures were taken...
Soooo many FaB SHaBBies got away before I was able to 
take pics!!! 

This PAST Friday Afternoon... 

 I LoVe Setting-Up by the light of the CHanDeLieRs...

 Come 9am,  - the wind and rain lessened up a bit, 
staying dry till 2:30, - when we ONCE AGAIN
got hit with stormy conditions...

 A few items on-the-lawn-area...

~** Where to Find Me Next**~
Elkhorn Flea Market
Walworth County Fairgrounds

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  1. Hi Jeanine,
    Even with the rain your market at the house was beautiful. I found so many wonderful treasures and Terry and I had a nice day in Cedarburg. It was fun to see you and get some shabby's. I will have a post tomorrow on some of the shabby's and another one on Sunday on that wonderful piece I bought for over the TV in my new living room. Looks fabulous.


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