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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sad-To-Say Disappointing Show...

 Our Quaint Little Town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin
was A-Buzzzzz with HoLIDay ShoPPers on WASHINGTON AVENUE this past Weekend...
That Most Certainly WAS NOT the case at the 2-Day Craft/Gift Show I set up at, held in the Historic Lincoln Building (Senior Center) ~ just foot steps away from Washington Ave.

Traffic was extremely sparse the ENTIRE 2 Days...
Only "2" regular Chippy-Shabby Customers came...  THANK YOU!!!
Those who did wander in ~ did just that ~without buying...
Very friendly Dealers... Enjoyed the Chit-Chat
~ But I was there to Sell!!!
TIME TO PUT THESE "13 Hours" and then some -  BEHIND ME!*!*!


  1. So sorry to hear the show was slow for you.
    Looks like you had some great stuff, too!

  2. I have a little antique store that has been open 6 1/2 years. Great traffic flow, sales and all.
    But Friday Saturday this week there were like 4 customers, and $30 in sales.
    That is like first 6 months we were open.

    It is kind of discouraging, but I am trying to remember, that is not the norm.
    It is not for you either. Things will be better.

    People are probably shopping the malls in interment right now for Christmas.

    Blessings for a better next time.

  3. Sorry Jeanine to hear it was not a good show for you. It does look like you had some fun chippy's. I agree with Barb I think everyone is at the Malls for Christmas.
    Sorry it was a bust.

  4. Jeanine,
    I am sorry it was not a good show, but I was glad to see you and shop your shabbies. I wonder if you would have been in the community center with the "art" that you might have done better since it seemed like they had a lot of traffic going in and out. Roadside sale in December....suppose to be in the 40's this weekend :)
    Happy days, Sue

  5. It's hard to take a bad day!!been there~~


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