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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Past SaTurDay's ChiPPy-SHaBBy AUTUMN S*A*L*E At-My-Home...

OMG!!! ~ Just CraZy for September!!!
  were worn for most of the day...
Due to LAST MINUTE weather concerns with RAIN, WIND, COLD, the day prior,~ I ended up doing "almost" an All-Nighter, opting to set up in the Garage...

ChiPPy-SHaBBy ShoPPers
For Your Continued Support!!!

 were the "Hot Seller" this time around...
 ~ Not much Furniture was moving...

 FaLL Seasonal Adornments
were "good-sellers"
Re-Purposed Fluted-Edge Industrial Metal Farm Pan,
was SOLD complete with leaves & long-stemmed pumpkin...

 I LoVed this FaB Old Drying Rack
 with hints of Old-White-Paint...
SOLD complete with Herb Adornments...

 *~ViNtaGe Desk Set~* 
Still Available
•Just Killer Drawer Hardware!!!
•More Recently UpHolstered Seat Cushion w/ FaB Fabric...

 Over-The-Top ~ FaB!!!
ViNtaGe Suitcase
This one had original stickers from Antwerp!!!  

 AwEsoMe Crusty... Rusty... Supports
Are Now being re-purposed for use as a *HEADBOARD*...

A recent Oronoco Gold Rush Days F*I*N*D...
 FaB Old Smaller-Sized Watering Can
 in Old-White-Paint,with Hints of Rust...
Of course it SOLD... ~ What was I thinking!?!?!

Have a good rest of the week!!!
I'll be working on SHaBBies, along with some SHaBBy-ShoPPing,
As I prepare For My Next Selling Venue
 Of the ~2014 Season~
Sunday, September 28th
Walworth County Fairgrounds
Elkhorn, Wisconsin

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  1. I think your old drying rack is a tire rack....at least I had one like that. Everything looks amazing.


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