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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

**SeLLinG SHaBBies** LAST WEEKEND @ The Kane County Flea - Illinois

ViNtaGe Christmas 
Abounded this PAST WEEKEND at the
 Kane County Flea in Illinois...
 Not knowing what to expect... ~ I felt Saturday's Crowd was a bit on the thin side - probably due to the "gloomy/drizzing" weather...  HOWEVER WARM TEMPERATURES & SUNSHINE on Sunday, Drew a Huge Crowd and they were SHoPPing SHaBBies!*!*! 

The FaB Old ViNtaGe Santa 
S*O*L*D right away...

The FaB Old Cherry Picking Trough
 and everything in it S*O*L*D 
LoVeD the *SHooTiNg Metal Star*

 SHaBBy White Furniture wasn't as popular...

 Lots of PeRfeCtly 
Crusty... Rusty... Containers
went out the door!!!

 Just Darling English Wicker Cart

 ViNtaGe Rounded Back Sled

 FaB SHaBBy-WHiTe ViNtaGe Lantern

** Now Gearing-Up **
 This Weekend's Selling Venue

Lake County Fairgrounds
Grayslake, Illinois

Saturday & Sunday
November 9th & 10th

Needless to say ~ I have another B*U*S*Y Week!!!



  1. Jeanine I love my birdcage I got from you this past week end. It is so great. I cannot wait to fix it up for Christmas. Hopefully will see you at Gray's.

  2. So. Many. Great. Things! Love that trough! Just a touch of green and a red ribbon looks so festive. I would have loved to have attended

  3. Jeanine ~ Thank you for ALWAYS blogging! I follow a lot of blogs, and after a while, most ( not all, but MOST) stop blogging or rarely blog after they have reeled me in. I love, love your shabbies, and I don't know how you have time to do it all, but THANK YOU for taking the time to let your followers see what your up to, I know its not easy to stop and blog but this fan truly appreciates it :) Have a great Holiday season, and look forward to seeing what you create for the upcoming months!

    1. Helloooo ~ OMG!!! THANK Y*O*U for such a thoughtful appreciative comment!!!
      A*N*D to all of you who leave ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Comments from time to time ~ Just know that I also value your input ~ *I just don't always have the time to respond*... Hugs... Jeanine

  4. Absolutely love the chippy lantern and the stool it sits upon. Just love this post! One of my favorites!


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