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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GoRgeOuS ViNtaGe P*A*N*S*I*E*S...

Bags of fertilizer, dirt, mulch etc. are piling up in Hardware Stores & Garden Centers...  The TV ads show *~Blooming Flowers~*...  BUT HERE IN WISCONSIN ON APRIL 10th - the ground is STILL FROZEN & it's been pouring buckets for the last 2 days ~ and will continue through Friday - along with 34 degree temperatures...  OMG!*!*!

 For Me, the REAL Sign that S*P*R*I*N*G T*I*M*E
is in full swing are Pansy Sightings - OUTDOORS...
But for Now ~ I'm settling for these ViNtaGe Paper Ones!!!

 I netted this AmAziNg 
ViNtaGe Pansy Calendar on a recent buying trip...
Tattered & Frayed - Just the way I like it!*!*!

 The darling petals open to reveal 
the CaLenDar...

 For an **1898** Calendar
the Colors are still quite vibrant...

I need to start "crunching" for this
 upcoming weekend's show in Illinois...
I'm sooooo behind with preparations due to all my recent buying trips!!!  At least you know I'll have lots of FRESH SHABBY F*I*N*D*S for you to hunt through!*!*!

Grayslake Antique/Flea Market
Somewhat Warm 
(Do visit my sidebar for show details...)



  1. Jeanine,
    I am so with you with wanting Spring already!!! It has been rainy by me too. I guess that is a good sign Spring maybe coming soon and we will be rid of old man winter. Hope to see you this week end at Grayslake.

  2. I wish I could send you some heat,it is 87 here, we had to turn on the ac while house cleaning earlier. Love this antique calendar. xo, olive

  3. Hey-- my grandmother was born May 15, 1898! Now I know which day of the week that was. Thanks for posting! Very cool!

  4. I love their sweet faces. Anything vintage with Pansies I can not resist!

  5. What a lovely find and gracious of you to share the lovely photos. Best Wishes for some warmth this weekend. Iowa..terrible winds, heavy rain, hail, and electrifying lightening now 8 in of snow forcast I so hope we on the border of less. We need the rain but warmth would be nice. I love pansies, they remind me of people, all so different in their own ways. Have fun

  6. I've never seen a calender like this...so unique and beautiful! Blessings for a great show this weekend! Happy Pansies! Roxie


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