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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Booth ~ DuPaGe Expo St. Charles, IL

Selling SHaBBies at the DuPage Expo Antique Show this past weekend - was a sure cure for *CaBiN-FeVeR* -for those who came out... However... ~ "Sad to say" - "The Crowd Never Came"...
                            WHAT HAPPENED???
Was it the Road Construction in front the Expo Center blocking visability???  Was it the inch of fluffy snow???  Was it tooooo Cold???  YEARS PRIOR, this FEBRUARY Show Rocked!!! -Same Date, Super Bowl Weekend - Same Location...
** THaNk YoU **
to all of those who came out, stopped by to say
 helloooo, & ShoPPed-My-SHaBBies!*!*!
Although the ShoPPers were few and far between,
 some of my BeSt SHaBBies went out the door!*!*!  

Soooo glad this darling ViNtaGe Birdie Linen
did not sell... ~ Now having "second thoughts"
I just may keep it for a while longer...

PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy!*!*!
Bird House & Birdie...

This ViNtaGe Tole 
Flower CHaNdeLier had the BesT PaTiNa!*!*!

ChiPPy Hall Tree, Sweet Tole Lamp, &
 Architectural SaLvaGe Found New Homes...

This FaB ViNtaGe Wooden Tray of Sort
would make quite a statement on a
 Kitchen Island -OR- Side Buffet...

YES, My Hard-to-Part-With, - 
**KiLLer SHaBBy** 

Just "Funky" 
2-Drawer/Cubby Organizer

** Not Until March 9th-10th **
@ Grayslake Flea in Illinois




  1. That must be the tallest candle stick ever. Well those folks have no clue what they missed.

  2. Your booth looked fantastic, lots of great stuff! Even though the turn out was light, sounds like you did ok! Here in Nashville, they keep talking about doing away with the fairgrounds where our flea, which is really great, is held. They've come up with some pretty "stupid" ideas with what to do with the property like make it a park. It's close to industrial bldgs and a not so good neighborhood. Hopefully they will end up leaving it alone.

  3. Jeanine,
    More than anything, I bet it was the Superbowl that kept your customers away. Superbowl Sunday is a massive sports day and most women probably had to be home to feed people. Don't be sad about it. We had the same experience once when we planned a play on Superbowl Sunday. Pitiful ticket sales so we switched days.

  4. Yummy beautiful displays! Love that tray vignette! And the birdie linen. Oh yes a keeper! I love the one color thread. (The right color.) There's just no figuring shows is there!

  5. Looks like you were doing the same thing as I was this past weekend. Selling chippies! I hada good show, but don't hink I sold one big piece on Saturday. Good thing Friday night all the serious shoppers came to my booth...it was crazy!


  6. Sorry it didn't go so well~I haven't gone to that show in a couple of years and actually forgot about it. : (

  7. OH I love that glass window and architectural salvage !!! I wish we had treasures like that here in Michigan!!


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