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Sunday, February 26, 2012


With my longing for SPRING, and the Spring/Summer Show Contracts coming in, ~  All I can think about is **WHITE TENT TIME**   I'm feeling desperate for an OUTDOOR FLEA MARKET FIX!!!   -  I've now resorted to going through pics - from long ago - of FaB Finds & Great Selling Times from a DAY @ THE OUTDOOR FLEA...

You can shop SHaBBies INDOORS - but there is AbSoLuTley NOTHING LIKE BEING ON-THE-HUNT - OUTDOORS, Surrounded by a Sea-Of-White TENTS" - SUNSHINE, & the Aroma of Food!*!*!  That DEFINITELY is **My SHaBBy Bliss**

FaB Finds from A DAY @ The Flea - 
Some Years Back...

 Whenever I get home from "ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ShoPPing", I almost always take pics of my FINDS - Either after unloading OR while they're still in the van... 

 I love "looking back" on ShaBBies I've netted!!!
Some were keepers... Some long gone...

Lot's of W*H*I*T*E on this trip!*!*!

2011 ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Booth at
Viva la Cottge - ViNtaGe Market Show
Sister Bay, Wisconsin
This is one of my Most FaVoRite Shows!!!
Who wouldn't LoVe being up in Door County!*!*!
In 2011, Flea Market Style Magazine, voted this as one of THE BeSt Small Outdoor Shows in Wisconsin...

Although I've netted a few select ViNtaGe Finds during this Winter Season, I still long for the Sighting of Those WHITE TENTS  ~ in pursuit of my
 ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Bliss...

I'm hopeful that I might SEE a few WHITE TENTS 
Next Weekend ~ @ Kane County's First Flea
 of the 2012 Season...  
So for now...



  1. Feeling the burrrr. from here...All the best to you in this upcoming fleamarket season

  2. It won't be long for sure, those tents will be flapping in the wind!

    It's only one month till we go to Texas and only a couple before we go to Brimfield.

    Love all you photos past and present!


  3. Cannot wait for spring because truly then the hunt is on my friend.

  4. Oh this does make me wish for warmer days to come...just love flea market time.

  5. I also long for those warm days when I can shop for some great finds!

  6. You got some great shabby stuff!!! I hope you'll come link this up at my linky party tonight. Link up once, appear on 4 blogs!


  7. LOVE all of the chippy shabby stuff you found! We are kindred spirits as I like to look for the same stuff to sell at the two shops that I am in. Hope this spring provides plenty of white tents for you to have fun in!


  8. That pansy plate and pitcher is adorable! I can't wait for it to get warmer, I want to go junkin'!

  9. You always find some great shabby stuff!!!


  10. Cannot wait for spring , best time of year lots og flea markets..love love and love shabby stuff..if not ? I make them shabby myself ...;O))))


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