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Thursday, September 29, 2011

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! "VaMPS OVER-SHaBBy S*I*G*H*T*I*N*G" @ The Flea...

Although I REALLY LoVed Selling at Elkhorn Flea this past weekend, I STILL drove myself CrAzY "Not being able to Shop All Day"...  I can't even tell you how many SHaBBy Sightings Cruised By-My-Booth!!!   ~ ONE OF THESE DEFINITELY SENT ME "Over-The-Edge"...

A PeRfeCtLy Chippy ~Crusty/Rusty... - 
IN SOMEONE ELSE'S CART - OMG!!!   Honestly ~ My heart was pounding!*!*!
(click on this one...)

 I approached the Cart... Talked to the "OWNER"...  NO WAY was she going to part with this Crusty/Rusty!*!*!
Can't you just SEE it with HoLiDaY Greens & a glass/candle???  I'm not giving up...
Will I get over this??????? - NO...
  We're Staying in touch!*!*!

 The ONLY thing that actually made me "feel better" ~ was this "early morning Find"...
Pair of Arched ZINC Frames...
Couldn't you just see them Mirrored?!?!?

FaB PaTiNa... 

**~** BeSt **~**


  1. That light fixture is amazing. I can see it now all dolled up for the holidays. Keeping fighting the good fight.


  2. Too funny, Jeanine! We totally know the feeling. xo

  3. I love your arched window panes! But yep, that lantern is a heartbreaker. ~Lili

  4. It is such a dilemna--to go to Elkhorn to buy or to sell. I know just what you mean. So sorry elkhorn is over for the year. We missed it as we were in Door County. Now I can make your cherry muffins!!


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