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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

White Wednesday ViNtaGe Finds - Kentucky/Tennessee...

I'll have to say that the antiquing we did on the way to Memphis - "wasn't the best"...  Way tooooo many shops were what I call "BROWN-OUTS"!*!*!  AND way tooooo many shops with trolls & beanie babies etc.   HOWEVER ~ I did indeed come home with a limited amount of Naturally Chippy time-worn SHaBBy Finds...  Enjoy my SHaBBy Finds  ~ then hop on over to KATHLEEN'S BLOG - "FADED CHARM" to view ALL the other W*H*I*T*E   W*E*D*N*E*S*D*A*Y entries as well...

Here's part of my stash...

 These 4 were my FaVoRiTEs!*!*!

This is what I netted at the MEMPHIS Bottle Show...
The clear bottle up front has an OWL Embossed...
The Emerald Green Bottle has a CROWN Embossed!!!
The Amber Bottle has FOUR ROSES Embossed!!!

 My Frog Husband LoVeS "Demijohn" Bottles...  Many of them were at one time incased in wicker...
  Such was the case above...  

 The BIG REVEAL!*!*!  
Does my Husband know how to wash bottles or what!*!*!  
I love it...  He wants to sell it...  
I'm pretty sure this may turn up at my NEXT ROADSIDE SALE on July 23rd!!!

There is an oval embossed depression with the numerals "198" in it...  

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! has some CraZy SHaBBy-ShoPPing planned for the next few days!!! ~  OMG!!! ~ If you only knew!*!*!  Then it's time to get crunching for the Viva la Cottage ViNtaGe Market, in Sister Bay, Wisconsin - July 9th...  (see sidebar for details...)

****** A N D ******
Inspired by Debra of "Common Ground",  It's not too late for me to work on my Seasonal Front Entry Display for 4th of July...  Thank YOU Debra ~ I needed that push!*!*!


  1. Yay Jeanine, can't see what you put together. You're the Queen of vintage holiday displays!!!!

  2. You and your husband have a real nice life together...sweet.

  3. Oooooo, nice finds Jeanine. I really like the piece with the knobs. Thumbs up to your husband for a great wash job. Love the Demijohn!

  4. So is Jeff sharing his bottle washing secrets???? Love that demijohn!
    Have fun shopping - can't wait to see you in Door County next weekend.


  5. Tell the "head bottle washer" great job from me!

    The 7 barn sales sounds amazing! Memphis recovery or not, you've got your priorities straight!

  6. What a great post! You found some real beauties!
    Thanks for posting...


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