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Sunday, May 23, 2010

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! SaLe ~ Exceeded my expectations!*!*!

A big ThAnK YOU!*!*! to ALL of those who came out to yesterday's May 22nd SaLe, here in Cedarburg!!!  I do sooooo appreciate your business...  I gave this SALE my all ~ select vintage merchandise... creative displays...  many an early morning/late night preparation...  THANK YOU's also to my Husband, Jeff - he did a million & one "honey-do's"!!!  - My FaBuLouS "#ONE Check-Out Crew" - can't ThAnK YOU enough!!!  I was happy that I took sooooo many pics!!!  The early shoppers were sooooo focused on "the hunt" & with the place being mobbed (thank goodness) - it was probably hard to take in ALL the Displays ~ Soooo NOW ENJOY PART 1 of 2 pics of yesterday's ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Sale here in Cedarburg, Wisconsin... (FOR GREATER DETAIL,click on any pic to enlarge)

Customers were greeted by my ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Sign & Chair...

We opened promptly @ 7a.m.  I was sooooo pleased to see this many people in line!*!*!  Kathy drove all the way from Michigan, getting up at 3a.m.

 This is what you first saw upon entering the sale area...   Chippy... Crusty... Rusty Vintage Bicycle & Watering Cans, mixed with an Outrageous piece of Bling!!!  The ViNtaGe Bicycle was the Inspiration for my ENTIRE SALE, including the mailing piece that was sent out!!!    The bicycle will be FOR SALE at an upcoming Antique Garden Show - Northwind Perennial Farm - just outside of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (see side bar)...  June 11th & 12th...  This is MY MOST FAVORITE SHOW OF THE YEAR!*!*!  The setting is just spectacular... 

As you rounded the corner into our large garage area, this is what you saw...  I used all my old pieces of "favorite lace" to hang above this "girlie area"...

This is what I enjoyed seeing!!!

Here I am writing many a "RED SOLD TAG"!!!
The "holding area" was CrAzY!!!

Wide View of the SaLe... 

Dresser Area...  Everyone wanted to buy MY Window/Door Prop -  "criss-cross" glass, that I got at the Marburger Show in Texas just last Fall!!!  I bought them from John & Peg of "French Vanilla"...  Check Out Their Blog!!!

This area was a bit more "1950's, kitchy-retro"...

 The Old "2-Piece Pedestal Sink" was a big hit!!!  The buyer will be picking it up later this week...  I thought it would make a great display piece in a store where soaps were sold...

I loved this vignette...  I hooked this square, flat-backed birdcage on an old wooden board w/hooks...

 "ReUpHolSter Rescue"...  Tattered Chair ~ with butterflies!!!  The ViNtaGe Wedding Shoes went right away...

I had a "Sea-Side" Area that included a Lobster Vignette tucked in the background...

Lots of old glass bottles in a bucket of sand... 

Hanging lantern area...

Lamps... Architectural Salvage... Mirrors... Little fussies...

This was one of the pretties shabby mirrors with a beautiful ornate crown top...

This area had Such Impact!!!  The old lace was just fabulous!*!*!  I was soooo sad to see the FABULOUS RUFFLED ORANGE UMBRELLA - Sell, but it served it's purpose for an eye-catching display...

Please do check back in the next day or so to see PART-TWO of My ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Sale Pics...  Your comments/Suggestions, are much appreciated either at the end of this blog -or- email me!*!*!

Again... My most sincere THANKS TO ALL OF YOU that participated!!!


  1. Hey Girl, I'm surprised you could get out of bed this morning after that kind of day. Everything looks wonderful and what a huge crowd! Awesome!!! I have to go back to check out the enlarged photos! Have a great rest of the weekend, sure wish I could have been there!

  2. WOW is right! Such a great presentation and fabulous finds! So wish I wasn't up in the Pacific NW so I could've been there! Great turn out - shows lot's of people love you - how fabulous!

  3. Hi BFF, OMG!!!!!! Everything looked fab!! Wish I could of been there. Its wonderful to see how all your customers appreciate all your efforts!!! Can't wait for our next "girlfriend" weekend. Off to Kenosha to get Tess. Love Ya!!!!! Terry

  4. wow~Wow~WOW! Wish I could have been there! Everything looks great, and looks like it was a huge success!

  5. I am so stinking sick that I could'nt be there!! AWESOME!!

  6. I am seeing so many things in your photos that I never even saw there yesterday! Bet they were gone instantly. I sure do love that tin vase that I snagged, (in the last photo). It was an amazing sale and I can't wait for your next one. (Check out my blog for a photo of the cars parked on your road - it was quite a sight...congrats!)

  7. Wow! What an amazing show. I wish I could have been there. Florida is just a little to far.
    Glad it was so good for you!

  8. I love your thing, look nice.

  9. I had a great time and it was worth leaving Michigan at 3 in the morning!!! Your displays were simply awesome, and I love all my vintage finds!!!! Jeff thanks for helping me with all my stuff, your daughter was so helpful, and Jeanine you know how to put on a show!! Will see you this weekend!!! Kindest Regards, Kathy

  10. Wow! It's so unfortunate I live in Georgia. I would so have lined up in that line at 6AM!

  11. I am NOT a morning person but your sale would have got me waiting in line at 6am. Sadly Canada is too much of a drive lol Congrats! Everything looks fantastic - i'm sure you could have sold each item 10x over!

  12. Looks like you had an awesome set-up and sale! Congratulations!

  13. yummy. i love all the crocheted pieces and lace hanging from the ladder. so creative. i would have shopped until i dropped, but i live too far away...boo hoo. great sale photos. thanks for sharing.

  14. What a beautiful Job! You did go all out for sure and hopefully the money came pouring in...congratulations for such a wonderful job.


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