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Sunday, April 11, 2010

**Grayslake Flea Market** Illinois...

Firstly I want to Thank Everyone for your support with my  "Changing Gears Issue" ~ Now having the SaLe at my Home...  ~ It really helped a lot!*!*!   I guess we've all been there in some way or another...
I'm sooooo glad I went to the Flea Market Yesterday...  It was a gorgeous day ~ the Sun was Out!*!*!  I wasn't as crazed as usual, initially it was a thin crowd when the doors opened, AND  Because of this, I was actually able to talk to the dealers!!! ~ a rarity indeed!!! 

   Joan's Display was the "star of the show"...  Does this say SpRiNg or What!?!?!  Sorry I did not get a chance to say hellooooo Joan...  Both times I stopped in your booth, YOU were busy!  Joan had the most unusual garden basket ~ metal of sort ~ perfectly chippy!!!
anything goes here blog spot

BeSt FiNd of the show for me!*!*!  Georgette is such a sweet gal!!! ~ She especially pointed out this lovely "Bird & Cherries" Hankie ~ knowing it was soooooo me...  I LoVe It!!!  Of course I bought it!!!  I plan to put a small chippy white watering can or perhaps a white matte vase in the center...  Thanks Georgette!

Great Piece of Architectural SaLvaGe...  Maureen snatched up the sparkling chandelier!!!

LoveLy "Fresh SpRiNg Display"...   So nice to chat with her...

I don't know too much about these Ladies, but jewelry is their main thing... They create a lot of things from old fragments...  I always seem to find a little something in their booth...  GREAT Display Pieces...

Altered Ever After Booth...

Sandy's Booth...

A SpRiNg Adornment in Diane's Booth...

Wonderfully Chippy Architectural SaLvAgE ~ Diane's Booth...

Just back from the "Warrenton Show" in Texas!!!

 Sunny & Warm equals "outside vendors"...

I almost always see a ViNtaGe Car in the Grayslake Parking Lot!!!


  1. Hi Jeanine, I always love coming over here for all the wonderful inspiration in your photos. Love seeing what everyone else it doing as well. Have a wonderful Sunday,

  2. Great photos......looks like there were a lot of treasures that I would love! Hope you can stop by and say "hello". Have a great weekend!

  3. Just popping in to say Hi...can you recommend any other Wisconsinite bloggers for me to get in touch with...Hope you had a great day...how far in Greyslake from you...I use to go to St. Charles flea but the last time I went it was not very good..alot less dealers and alot more new stuff...I'll be going to Cedarburg and I love Elkhorn the best...any other ideas...Cynthia

  4. bought something ( alot) from at least all of these and more ... I had my favorites ...I just posted pics of the finds!!!

    pop over

  5. Looks like a great sale- wish I could have shopped it!

  6. My friend Dawn & I were vendor's at Grayslake on Saturday, you hit all my favorite vendors there! I was excited to see the dress form in Janice's booth, because she came home with me today! What a find! She is featured on my blog~she will be modeling my jewelry at shows. I had been looking for a long time for the perfect gal for the job and there she was...I have named her Tiffany:) You captured the day very well, great pics. Hope we get to meet sometime.

  7. Did you get my message about borrowing some shots from your post to put on my blog. I will add a link to your blog so they can some over to visit you! Thanks for getting some pics and giving me "star of show". I really appreciate it! Joan@anythinggoeshere

  8. So good to chat with you at the show...you got some GREAT pictures...I bought a bunch of those flowers from Joan...so loving them. Tell me about the Cedarburg show at the end of May ? I saw an ad in an auction paper I got at the show about one...

  9. What a sale!! I am seeing alot I would like to have shipped here. Hope all is well, Hugs, Janna


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