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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seasonal Area Displays...

DISPLAY IMPACT!!! Instead of scattering "hints of Fall" all around the house, I have designated an old chippy-shabby cabinet in our front entry for my "Seasonal Displays"... Right now the "Early Fall" Vignette is up... This year's theme drew me towards CROWS ~ adorned with seasonal berries & dried wonders from our AwEsoMe Wisconsin Countryside!!! Besides the Hydrangeas, Cat Tails, & Carion Berry Clusters, the Orange Bittersweet Berries are probably my favorite... I display the Bittersweet well into Thanksgiving Day... The Apple Green Balls are Osage Oranges -or- sometimes called "Horse Apples"... Rumor has it that they ward off insects/spiders... Due to our cold winter climate, these colorful apple green balls do not grow in Wisconsin. I always take a drive up to the Wisconsin/Illinois border and fill up a bag!!!

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