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Saturday, May 15, 2010

**SNEAK PEEK PICS** Jeanine's ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! SaLe - May 22nd

OMG!*!*!  I better get on the stick as the saying goes...  I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THIS COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still have a bit of tagging to do ~ HOWEVER, the fun begins for me very soon ~ DISPLAYING!*!*!  I'll try my best to post a few **Sneak Peek Pics** daily...  The Countdown has started!!!  ~ ONLY 7 Days till the BeSt-Ever UpScale ViNtaGE ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Sale at my home, in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Saturday May 22nd, 2010...  Check the side bar for details... 

I actually enjoy tagging...  A good number of my tags give suggestions on how you might display/use an item...

This is a FaBuLouS ViNtaGe Display Box!!!  A little bit chippy...  Nice smaller size enables it to fit just about anywhere, table top -or- hung...  The back is MIRRORED & has acquired a wonderful silver-loss patina...  The 2 glass shelves are perfect for displaying "all your little fussies"...  It would look fabulous stuffed with vintage porcelain flowers... capodimonte pretties... jewelry... perfume bottles... vintage millinery etc.
Just a sweet little vintage adornment...  Perfect to tuck just about anywhere...

This smaller sized corner shelf doesn't need to go in a corner...  Perfectly chippy, great for display, can stand on it's own -OR- "flipped over" for a different view and hung!!!

The sweetest little Vintage "Clark's" sewing box!!!  I'm hoping to pick up some wooden tread spools as a "go-with"...  Junk-In-Julie ~ this looks like it just might have your name on it???? 

Remember... I suggested you "Bring a friend & your Truck"!!!
PeRfeCt for those of us who have acreage...  Endless possibilities for seasonal displays...

  I've always been disappointed, arriving at a sale that's scheduled to open at a certain time, and people are already leaving with their arms full...  That won't happen at my sale... ~ We Open Promptly @ 7 a.m. and not before... SATURDAY, MAY 22ND...  Please do arrive by 7 a.m. for the BEST SELECTION...  **Please keep in mind that is impossible for me to set aside any Pre-view Pic Items you might want**  So sorry...


  1. Looks FABULOUS! Can't wait to see it in all its glory!

  2. I see alot of things with my name on them!! But I'll just have to wait and take my chances!! Won't get there til at least 10--Best of luck!! Wishing you beautiful weather and tons of people. Til then, Julie

  3. Make mega bucks dear friend!!! I hope all your hard work pays off in a big, big way...

  4. This is really not fair that I have to live so far away!

  5. That is a cute little sewing box! And the telephone book is nice also. Have a good Saturday finding more treasures...Julian

  6. Wow, Jeanine, it all looks wonderful. Just my kind of stuff, drats!...I live too far away, but I'd love to be there. Keep the sneak peeks comin' great inspiration. I know your sale will be great!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cart! Can't scream it loud enough! It is awesome! Have fun at your show!!

  8. Oh, that awesome display box.....snif,snifff..
    I want it!!!

  9. hi i would love to have you stop some time .the shop is 19532 beaverton rd poplar grove il 61065 my number is (815)621-6484 its small wont take you long to look so make it on your whey some where i love your blog


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