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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 2010 **KANE COUNTY FLEA MARKET** St. Charles, IL

Now that's it's Wednesday, the weekend seems sooooo long ago!*!*!  ~ Maybe because we packed sooooo much in!  I had a Fab time at KANE!*!*!  Enjoy the Pics!!! ~ I went BOTH Saturday & Sunday & am glad I did... 

 I FINALLY FOUND IT!*!*!  I've been looking for a couple years for a "Perfectly ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Mirror with Silver-Loss PaTiNa, to go on a wall in the master bath... -  OMG!*!*! HERE IT IS...  I'll take pics after it's hung...
  ***BeSt Find @ Kane***

 I had to restrain myself from buying these "perfectly chippy" white shutters...  They would have been a fab backdrop for displays... 

This seller is from Iowa...  Iowa seems to have the best shabbies!!!  Honestly, she was about 50 percent SOLD OUT just minutes after they let the public in!!!   Great prices... Good Displays/Presentation...

This display REALLY draws you into her booth...  

Iowa Junk Gypsies Booth on Saturday...  Judy did the show by herself on Saturday...  Come Sunday, Anita "doubled" the space and both Ladies amazingly gave their space yet another "whole new/old look"!*!*!  Soooo glad I stopped back on Sunday...  Bought a sweet piece of "BliNg"...

Saturday... Iowa Junk Gypsies
Iowa Junk Gypsies...

This metal cabinet most certainly had a look to it...  Looked like something I might see at "Warrenton"...

I love the many "old out buildings"...  They add such charm to vintage displays...  I miss those older buildings at the Newer Grayslake Facility...

OMG!*!*!  Here's the scoop...  This was one of the last inside booths I hit late Saturday Afternoon...  The booth drew me in with it's interesting displays and garden theme area...  I saw this "chippy green metal planter box" high up on a chair...  I asked the price...  The Lady responded and said "it's perfectly chippy"!!! - I'm thinking - little does she know I LOVE CHIPPY!!!   As I was paying for my FiNd, she said - "Are You ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!"???  OMG!!! - As it turns out Jan reads my Blog... ~ Small World...  Please do check out Her Blog!!!  Soooo nice to have met you...  I'll be sure to visit your booth at ELKHORN FLEA MARKET on May 16th...


  1. WOW!! What a weekend you had!! Thanks for all the photos, especially Iowa Junk Gypsies booth! Do you remember how much they wanted for
    that seed box you pictured--or did you buy it??I love it! I hope to make it to your sale!! julie

  2. Thanks for mentioning us AGAIN- you are the bomb! I am gathering for Grayslake and working in my garden and on the house...I need longer days!

    JULEI above: the box sold on Saturday.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Jeanine; we'll see you at Elkhorn soon.


  4. My large buns almost obliterated your photo of the Iowa ladies!!! Next time I'm watching out for your camera!!!

  5. What a great day...everything looks so great ...wish I was there!!! Hey I'm having a giveaway at my lil bog...come on over!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing the pics and comments. My husband and I are going to the same flea market a week from now. We are visiting his sister and family. We are from Ontario and driving down. From all the great 'finds' looks like I should make sure my van is empty before I arrive;o)

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