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Monday, October 26, 2020

The HOLiDays *2020*...

The HoLiDays, like everything else, is going to be different "THIS YEAR"...  

Yet ANOTHER *Sad-To-Say*

I will NOT be selling my SHaBBies at any Christmas HoLiDay Shows This Year...  Here in Wisconsin/Illinois,  as we're still dealing with the Covid VIRUS,  I just don't feel safe SELLING INSIDE, -Or- for that matter - staying over nite in a Hotel.   I ~S*H*O*P~  ALL YEAR for these Holiday shows!  With too few Flea Markets & other Speciality Events this past Spring/Summer ~  I just don't have the Stock I would have had at this time of year either...   I loved these festive shows ~ seeing my customers, and  *JuMp-STaRting the HoLiDay SpiRiT*.

~ In the meantime, do visit my Social Media Sites for Random Posts/Updates ~

Friday, October 9, 2020

ViNTaGe HaLLoWeeN ChiPPy-SHaBBy STyLe...


~HaLLoWeen Is-In-The-Air ~

rustling leaves, crows cawing, full moon, hooting owls, an unexpected black cat sighting, caramel apples, chocolate candies, popcorn balls, creaking doors, a window shutting by itself, on & on... 

This FaB *Old SHaBBy Witch* was an AmaZiNg Find - years back, on a trip to Ohio...  It is quite large, & made of lightweight wood.  I LoVe her ViBRaNt Colors & naturally time-worn chippy paint patina!!!  The Gurley Halloween Candles are FaB grouped together in a "coffin-like" shaped display cabinet...   Other related HaLLoWeen Items include hand make "Folk Art Pieces" witches-ghost-grim reaper-owl.  I love the graphics on these 1950's -60's Candy Boxes!!!  Blow Mold Witch Head on Broom Stick is a favorite as well...  Paper Mache Owls, Witch Weather Vane Topper... 

LoVe This FaB "Old SHaBBy" Display Cabinet of many years...   A Find from one of our "New England" FaLL Trips in Peterborough, New Hampshire...
 *JuSt PeRfeCt* for show-casing my ViNtaGe Gurley HaLLoWeeN Candle Collection!*!*!  LoVe the slanted edges/glass ~ "coffin-like"...

Saturday, October 3, 2020

ViNtaGe FaLL Decor In-Our-Home...

 ~* LaSt ~ Look *~

That Is, - for this Early to Mid FaLL Seasonal Vignette  Area in-our-home...  It's the PeRfeCt Weekend "cool, cloudy, & a bit rainy" - to work on stuff INSIDE!!!

  I'll be *Switching This Out* with many of "MY FaVoRiTE" ViNtaGe HaLLoWeen Display Items!*!*!  Witch Items & ViNtaGe Gurley Brand Candles are among my favorites!!!

HaVe a Good WeekEnd!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 SeLLing  ChiPPy-SHaBBy ViNtaGe FiNds At Elkhorn Flea Sept. 2020

~*Mask On...  Mask Off*~ All Day Long...

HaPPy to RePort that about 80% of Customers In-My-Booth, Wore Masks!

~* THaNk YOU ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHoPPeRs *~

Selling My SHaBBies at an outdoor flea during the COVID PANDEMIC, and Not Knowing what I was walking into ~ was the most stressful part...  I can NOW SAY, with ALL the *Safety Precautions* I took, I feel very settled & confident that ALL IS WELL...


*Set Up OUTDOORS in the breeze!!!

*Arranged my booth layout for quick "in & out" if it got too crowded...

*Checkout Area was well social distanced between writing up my ticket sales in-the-van, along with additional distancing at the check-out table...

 *Customer inserted Credit Card into chip reader with no signature required...

 *After each CASH SALE, I "Lathered-Up" my hands with foaming soap & rinsed them in-a-BUCKET ~ Easily drying them on my tablecloths that were blowing in the breeze!!!  THIS WAS THE BeSt thing I did!!! ~ highly recommend!!!
 *Used additional spray hand sanitizer before grabbing anything to eat or drink...

*As for Non-Mask Wearers, if I needed to interact with them, it was "easy" to quickly distance myself from them & still check them out...    

Due to the Pandemic, I will not be doing any INDOOR HOLIDAY Shows this year
I will continue "Random Postings" on my social media sites...

  I will keep you posted if I decide to do *Porch Pick-Ups* -Or- *Shipping of Items
Like so many other Dealers are doing now!

Monday, September 21, 2020

THIS SuNDaY!!! Sept. 27th... ELKHORN FLEA - Wisconsin


Come Shop my ChiPPy-SHaBBy VinTaGe Finds, along with a good number of other ViNtaGe Dealers, THIS SUNDAY,  SEPT. 27th, 2020


 We're starting to "ease" our way back into going "Out & About" Again... 

This will be my First Flea Market in 6 Months, due to Pandemic Concerns & Many Events Canceled...  I will be setting up OUTDOORS...  I've come up with a layout plan so you won't feel trapped in my booth if it starts getting crowded...  I will be wearing a MASK while interacting with customers, & I ask that you please do the same while SHoPPiNg IN-MY-BOOTH Space...     

**I'm Watching the Weather Forecast for SUNDAY'S Flea**

* This Event is Held Rain -OR- Shine *

If it's a *Wet-One* ~ I'm Staying Home!

Check Back on Friday for "Any UpDates"


(Same outdoor space I have had for years)

 - Grandstand Side of the Park -


I have some FaB Pieces to bring!!! ~ Many pulled from my PeRsoNal ChiPPy-SHaBBy STaSh!!!


Monday, September 7, 2020

*SEPTEMBER* ~"Baked From Scratch"~ PuMPkiN MuFFins!!!


I LoVe To Bake!*!*!  Having once owned a small "Bake Shop" in Boulder City Nevada,  ~*Jeanine's Sweet Treats*~

These PuMPkiN MuFFins ~ were a well sort after delight - come FALL...

Back in Nevada, I tossed in "chocolate chips"..

   Here in Wisconsin ~ I Started Adding WHOLE CRANBERRIES!!! 

~*Hot BAKING Tip*~

If your PuMpKin Recipe calls for the addition of "water" - **Substitute Pure Fresh Apple Cider**...   What a difference it makes!*!*!

JuSt LoVe this VINTAGE MUFFIN TIN!!!  ~ Gifted to me from a friend some 20 years ago!!!  Embossed "Hercules US *1943*...  Come to find that this was a U.S. Military Muffin Pan - OMG!!!  I love that it is a little bit deeper than most muffin pan tins!  It also is AMaZiNgly more sturdy/thicker than most pans as well...  

We've ALREADY eaten our way through "This Batch"...  Yum!

No Confirmed "September 2020 Show Updates"

~* JuSt Yet *~

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

~ *EARLY FaLL Decor with ViNtaGe FiNds*~

Come Late August through the first few weeks of September, I like to start introducing some of my ViNtaGe FaLL Decor.


   Initially I shy away from PuMpKiNs, Strong ORANGE Colors, and PLAIDS at this time, so as not to tire of them as the month moves on...  Looking to *NATURE* ~ many a seasonal plant is turning/popping up!  I begin introducing colorful Apple-Green Hydranges, Yellow Tansy/Yarrow, & Snippets of "this & that" that are good Dried Items for Basket Fillers or Go-With Adornments...   I ~*JuSt LoVe Using ViNtaGe Containers & SaLvaGeD Pieces to Display These In!*!*!


~* ViNtaGe Finds Displayed with a FaLL Twist *~
"Hickory Haven Squirrel"...  1880's Light Green Jar with Rolled Lip...  ChiPPy-WHiTe Iron Fragment with leaves & Acorns...   Time-Worn Garden Urn filled with Hydrangeas... Architectural SaLvaGe Post & Corbels... Architectural SaLvaGe White Plinth Block with Maple Leaf Motif... Vintage Pear Litho Print...  Chalkware White Squirrel Vase with dried flowers...  Industrial Prop Stool...  RePurposed 2-Tier Metal Display Stand with German Owl, ViNtage Crow & Owl Bottles... 

 Vintage Mache Crow Decoy on post...  Embossed  Rusty FARM Cream Can with dried corn husks...  Architectural SaLvaGe ChiPPy-WHiTE Shelf... ViNtaGe Round Wooden Basket with Metal Slat Supports & Dried Yellow Tansy...  ViNtaGe 1950's Tablecloth with Leaf Pattern...  ChiPPy-WhiTe Old Concrete Squirrel on "Sawed-Off" Tree Round Prop-Base...  Bangor Michigan ViNtaGe Apple Crate...


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