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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

ViNtaGe Chritstmas HoLiDay Boxes ~ EVERYWHERE!!!

Despite Yet Another
Gloomy... Sunless... Day here in Wisconsin,
I feel motivated to create some small 
Christmas HoLiDay Vignettes 

The HoLiDay Boxes are Everywhere!*!*!
Soooooo Much Fun unwrapping these 
ViNtaGe Christmas Display Items!!!
But Oh What a Mess!*!*!*!

~* ChiPPy-SHaBBy Office/Loft *~
*ViNtaGe Bottle Brush Wreath
 with the *Chunkiest Old Flocked Snow*...
**~ "Freshening" an Old Bow/Ribbon with a Curling Iron
 - Works GREAT!!! ~**
*Stacked Funnel Christmas Tree*
*AwEsome Metal Deer Creation on Log*
~FaB PaTiNa~
*Old White Lantern filled with Sparkling Pinecones*

~* Can't Wait to *SEE* what else develops *~ 

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