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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas HoLiDay Vignette ~ IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS!*!*!

ViNtaGe Reindeer Forest...
with Adornments!*!*!

Inspired by actual ~*DEER*~ 
Running Around Our Property THIS MORNING,
~**I created a little forest vignette **~
on a favorite *Re-Purposed 2-tier stand* I netted
this past Fall...

 Deer ~Or~ Reindeer???
Did you know that both Male & Female
Have Antlers!*!*!

This ViNtaGe Reindeer  - By Adding A Hint of Sparkling Glitter...

Stay W*A*R*M
Single Digit Temps here in Wisconsin
with a **BiTiNG W*I*N*D**!!!


  1. Precious. I have the same vintage reindeer. He is a cutie or is it a she? Thanks for the inspiration. You always have the cutest stuff.

  2. Yes I knew male and female have antlers, however the female antlers works better LOL

    Love bottle brush trees and I added most of mine on top of an old dish cabinet

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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